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Suppose you have diabetes and have a diabetic Neurotherapy give us a quick call toll-free at 866-598-8170 to get accurate information. There are so many burial insurance providers that will still consider coverage at an excellent rate.globe life insurance

It is usually a good idea to directly talk to us other than using an online quote form on this page, which may be incorrect.

Everything you need to know about burial insurance with Neurotherapy

Diabetic Neuropathy is a common condition among diabetes, having a high blood sugar level that can damage nerves throughout your body. It mostly injured nerves in your legs and feet. It often appears when your blood sugar has not been managed. It is irreparable nerve damage that lasts for a long time.

People having diabetic neuropathy can still qualify for affordable burial insurance with diabetes. 

What is Neuropathy?

Diabetic Neuropathy is a tickling sensation on your hands, feet, or even your legs. It causes numbness and pain in the feet and legs with severe complications that can also affect the internal organs, including your stomach, bowels, heart, and bladder.

If you notice numbness, tickling, pain, or weakness in your hand or feet, you should visit your doctor. The worst situation is when you can’t feel pain and an ulcer develops on your foot and hand.

But as you manage to control your blood sugar level at an optimum rate, you can quickly get rid of any other side effects of neuropathy. A healthy lifestyle with a consistent blood sugar level helps you to prevent diabetic Neuropathy.


Diabetic neuropathy symptoms can range from pain and numbness in your legs and feet. Some people have mild symptoms, but others have severe and quite painful and disabling symptoms. So, you can have one type or more than one type of Neuropathy. It usually depends on the area affected. Signs and symptoms are often worse at night and may include:

  • Tickling or burning sensation
  • Numbness or reduced ability to feel pain
  • Muscle weakness or wasting
  • Serious foot problems, such as ulcers, infections, and joint pain
  • Sharp pains or cramps
  • Increase heart rate
  • Increased sensitivity to touch
  • Rugged rising from a sitting position
  • Eventual weak and shrinkage thigh muscles
  • Weakness in your hand that may cause you to drop things
  • Paralysis on one side of your face
  • Difficulty focusing or double vision
  • Aching behind one eye
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Excessive or reduce sweating
  • A lack of awareness that blood sugar levels are low
  • Erectile dysfunction


What are the different types of diabetic Neuropathy?

Neuropathy describes several types of nerve damage. There are the following types of Neuropathy.

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

The most common type of Neuropathy is peripheral Neuropathy. It usually affects your feet and legs, followed by your hands and arms. It refers to the tickling, numbness, pain, and weakness in your hands and feet. Symptoms are varied from mild to severe.

  • Autonomic Neuropathy

The very thing you need to know is that the autonomic nervous systems control your heart, bladder, intestine, stomach, sex organs, and eyes. Diabetes can affect nerves in any of these areas. It damages the nervous system throughout the body and affects the major organs of the body, including your:

  • Sweat glands
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Digestive system
  • Sex organ and bladder


  • Proximal Neuropathy

It is a rare type of Neuropathy and also known as diabetic amyotrophy. This type of Neuropathy is commonly found in adults over 50 years old and more than often in men. It affects the hips, buttocks, or thighs where you may experience sudden pain. It mainly affects the one side of the body with increased pain, but most people recover within a few years,artery in male body

  • Cranial Neuropathy

This neuropathy is concerned with nerves connected to the brain and deals with eyesight movement, taste, and hearing. Its symptoms usually include weakness or loss of sensation in the face and vision.

  • Charcot’s joint

It is also known as neuropathic arthropathy. It is a condition in which there is a progressive degeneration of a weight-bearing joint. It is an excruciating type of Neuropathy that weakens the bones and joints. The individual feels no pain for a long duration; therefore, joints become damaged.


As you know that if you have diabetes, it is essential to control your blood sugar level. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper diet, instead of your diagnosis, can make many things in your life simpler

–Like obtaining final expense insurance that helps you to avoid debilitating conditions that Neuropathy can bring.

Don’t let the effects of diabetic Neuropathy get you down and always prefer your quality of life – or discourage you from getting affordable burial insurance. Make sure that your burial insurance policy is not going with the wrong agency. If you have to search for it, you need to discover whether you can offer a system.

You know that individual companies will not have any complications in providing you with coverage with diabetes-linked difficulties.


We’ve all the essential information that you people need to know about this topic.


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What you need to know: burial insurance struggles for diabetics

It is the most challenging task to find out the best burial insurance for diabetic patients. Many insurance companies will decline an application from someone with the diagnosis by looking at any exact condition to see how well it is managed.

Other companies will reject or deny the individuals having a severe complication of diabetes.-including Neuropathy.

It is a complicated process; filling out the application after applying for an expense policy will often leave you frustrated and exhausted. It is not a wise decision to select a random burial insurance company for yourself. Get a well-qualified place and check out the reviews of your health information. You will get many benefits from getting pre-qualified with us.

Don’t give up on your search. Contact us at toll-free 1-866-598-8170, we are an informed, experienced, and qualified agent who specializes in many cases as one of yours. These agents can help you in several ways like:

  • Providing you with services helps to get away from the stress and anxiety you are facing to find the best and affordable burial insurance.
  • They understand your needs according to your condition, which you explained to them.
  • By sharing a vast knowledge base on the struggles faced by one of those with diabetes and diabetic complications in the world of insurance.
  • By having connections with many different insurance companies who understand and serve those with diabetic complications.

You will get the best-experienced knowledge about choosing the insurance and successfully assist the required information.


What you need to know: The reaction to your diabetic complications

Most burial insurance companies offer the same services but usually vary by choosing who they want to provide according to their diabetic condition. However, it varies from individual to individual with all health conditions confined to diabetes or diabetic complications. So, the good news is that you are not the only one.

insurance companies have a comprehensive system of risk classifications they observe when they assess your application. Your response depends on the place you are on according to the classification list. The reaction you receive from each company varies from each insurance company and have different answers for applying for final expense insurance.

Now, here are the most common application responses:

  • Declined immediately

If anything that signals diabetic complications, the insurance company you are applying directly reduces you. They don’t have to deal with the risk.

  • You must tight through a waiting period

Some insurance companies ask you to wait for an extended period. It is a common thing to wait for an insurance application and mostly for diabetic complications.

If you receive this kind of response after application, it means that you must wait for a stated period before getting the policy like “guaranteed acceptance policies.”

Generally, if you pass during this duration, your insurance company will pay out the full death benefit in an accident.

The time of the waiting period varies from one company to another. But mostly the time frame is two years. Familiar guaranteed issue companies include Mutual of Omaha and Gerber Life Insurance.

 The insurance companies having policies like they do not offer immediate death benefits should be your last resort. Ensure that not accept the policy from companies with a waiting period on the death benefit until it’s the last option for you.

  • Your premium will be higher

Because of your condition, maybe you expect it, but it is widespread for people with diabetes- But it is at a higher rate.

We can shop your health profile to over 40 companies and find out the best option for you. We have been able to help families around the country save 40% premiums and diabetic complications.

  • You are golden – and insurable- just like everyone else!
    Medicare aged 65 and over

    A senior couple on holiday at the seaside.

When it comes to final expense insurance, it is genuine that most people feel normal and like everyone else even if they have diabetic complications. Many other insurance companies out there will not charge you a higher premium and are good enough not to force you to accept the waiting policy.

Many insurance companies choose to be straight to clients to accept the risk even if they still view diabetic neuropathy.

Yes, it is possible to obtain affordable coverage with all benefits you want.

What you need to know: Medications and insurance companies

Before moving towards the final expense insurance, you must need to complete a physical medical test.

To provide you reliable coverage, some writers will ask you the following questions about your health

These questions are more likely to be about:

  • Your height
  • Your weight
  • List of diabetes complications
  • Any use of cigarettes or chewing tobacco in the past 12 months
  • When you were first diagnosed with diabetes
  • Types of medications taking for your diabetes
  • And some other health-related questions


They will also ask you about your prescription history. To get full health information, they further give a complete picture of your overall health.

Prescription medications can give them a lot about the health of an individual. 

Mostly for diabetic patients, they are likely to see any drug prescribed, such as Glyburide, glipizide, or Metformin. If they get any of the above-given medicines, they get the red flag that you have been diagnosed with Neuropathy.

  • Depacon
  • Epitol
  • Carbatrol
  • Depakene
  • Lamictal
  • Neurontin
  • Lyrica
  • Lamotrigine
  • Tegretol
  • Gabapentin
  • Lamotrigine

Don’t panic if you take any of this medication. You can still afford final expense policies that will get you everything you want.

What you need to know: How you get the best policy with Neuropathy

The very thing in choosing the best policy for Neuropathy is to find yourself the right independent agent who has an in-depth knowledge of insurance companies.

Your insurance agent should have good enough information that is best for you, according to your application.

It is an exhausting and time taking process to find the best insurance companies without any experienced agent. Don’t waste your energy in looking for the companies if you have the best agent around you.

Your independent agent will be:

  • Compile all your health details for the insurance companies.
  • Select the best companies that are giving you the best policy according to your medical history.
  • Submit your application to companies having you provided your detailed information.
  • Discuss each option openly, like the cost of the premium, coverage, and other restrictions.
  • Manage the purchasing of the best policy to meet your desired needs…

Don’t let yourself be stressed. Contact our experts to find the best policy.  Hi, this is Mitch Winstead with Advanced Mutual Group.  Would you like a quote with no obligations?  Call us today if you have any questions.  Our toll-free number is 1-866-598-8170.  Our website is http://www.advancedmutulgroup.com   Our Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/advancedmutualgroup  Our email address is mitch@allstarseniorbenefits.com.  Compare us with Colonial Penn or Globe Life Insurance.  Ask us about the average cost of a funeral.  We have Mutual of Omaha burial insurance

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