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burial insurance for seniorsThere are various causes and forms of visual impairment that might lead to a partial or permanent visual loss of a person. Vision loss is traumatic and impacts a person’s life and certainly affects the lives of his or her family members of the loved ones.

It may seem a little odd even to discuss whether or not someone will be able to qualify for life insurance if they are blind. Unfortunately, the truth is that blind life insurance applicants can encounter many obstacles that could make the ordinary term or whole life insurance qualification process more difficult.

Blind people are mostly under the inclination that finding burial insurance for them is nearly impossible. The reason is quite simple that there are many companies that actually shy away from insuring blind applicants. A few companies might even refuse the application for such a policy.

It is a painstaking reality that being blind has the obvious hurdle that not a lot of companies are that much equipped to help in servicing blind people. Unfortunately, it is true in the insurance industry also. When it comes to offering insurance coverage, many approach it at high risk, though; there are still other companies that offer burial insurance for the blind.

Whole life insurance which is also known as burial or final expense insurance, can be done with simple procedures. There is no paperwork or any sort of medical exam required. The funeral life insurance is done on a simplified term, and with modern technology, blind people can just call in and apply which helps them to avoid all the hassles that were imposed on them in the past.

How loss of vision affects the body

The way in which a person becomes blind directly impacts the overall health of that person. A few common ways a person can lose sight include:

  • Accidents

When a person gets involved in an accident and suffers partial or complete vision, the effect is jarring. There may be secondary injury issues in the event of a car accident, and those issues may be ongoing. Therefore, life insurance companies mostly demand a one year waiting period after an accident to allow the person to get stabilized physically and mentally.

  • Glaucoma

It is a group of eye disorders that damage the optic nerve progressively. It is considered the second most common cause of blindness. It is generally believed that increased pressure in the eye causes intraocular pressure to increase and never causes damage. This pressure buildup is one of the key secondary health issues that the underwriters look at when deciding about a life insurance policy.

  • Macular degeneration related to age

This is the actual cause of vision loss in old people, especially above 60. When a small portion of the eye retina deteriorates, it can lead to significant vision loss. As macular degeneration is hereditary, it is something to actually monitor and is noted as part of any life insurance application.

  • Diabetic retinopathy

Many diabetic people develop a condition called retinopathy. High blood sugar in blood vessels causes the eyes to get weak and leads to blood and other liquids. Retinopathy can also cause swelling macula; this can damage vision, including legal blindness.

Finding the best burial policy for blind

The single biggest mistake the people make when looking for burial insurance is the approach they make like they think they can get through all the process alone. The big misunderstanding about insurance is that people can’t go directly to the burial insurance company and apply. These insurance companies will defer their client and ask them to apply through an agent or an agency.

An independent agency can help these people choose freely from all the insurance companies and look at different options. These agencies shop around and help in comparing the offers from a bunch of insurance companies and in the end, find the best deal for the client.

It is worth noting that the services of an independent company are totally free, so it won’t cost a penny to the client. It also does not mean that the client or the policyholder has to pay the extra money each month on their insurance.

Blindness & underwriting

Many people have the knowledge that underwriting is nothing more than a process in which the insurance company uses to evaluate risk. When it comes to burial insurance plans, there are three steps. The companies ask health questions, evaluate prescription history, and analyze MIB for relevant records.

The reason these companies look into all details is quite simple; they want to see if the applicant is considered a good or bad health risk to the company. If the applicant is considered a bad risk, their eligibility will be declined.

Once the insurance companies get this information, they can make a decision regarding the eligibility of the applicant. It is worth noting that some companies offer burial policies with no underwriting whatsoever. People have to keep in mind that this is mostly not in their best interest.

Health QuestionsCrohn's disease and symptoms

Every company that offers a plan has underwritten and will have a series of questions that are related to health. Answering this part of the application is necessary. Different burial life insurance companies have different questions that they ask from the applicants.

It is not difficult to know what sort of health questions are to be asked as the majority of the insurance companies tend to ask about the same health issues, but they don’t have exactly the same health questions.

The final expense life insurance companies mostly ask about the conditions that they care about. This obviously means that if they don’t ask about something, they are more than ok with it. Therefore, we never see a burial life insurance company asking the applicant whether they have high blood pressure. This certainly means that these companies don’t care if the applicant has high blood pressure or not.

People should know about the health questions is that if you ever happen to say yes to these questions, it will be considered that one of the following conditions may exist. The policyholder might have to pay a higher premium or pay a higher premium and endure a partial or full waiting period.

Blindness in health questions

Not even a single insurance company actually asks about blindness in the health questionnaire. As they don’t ask about it, therefore, it means they don’t care much about it. As they have no problem regarding blindness, yet there are other health questions that actually might pose a problem.

There are a few difficult questions that might be asked like

  • Home healthcare

  • Requiring assistance with daily activitieshigh blood pressure

Such health questions are actually present on almost all burial insurance applications. It is not at all uncommon for blind people to need help with all types of daily activities. There is no doubt that very few blind people are truly independent and do not require any help from anyone.

The companies that ask such kind of health questions, they decline straight away if the applicant says yes. Therefore, if a person is blind and requires help from anyone with doing something in daily life, he/she cannot get coverage from the vast majority of the burial insurance companies.

We should be thankful that there are some final expense companies that do not ask whether the applicant is on home health care or requires any assistance from anyone with the daily activities of their life. With such a company, the applicant is as eligible as a person who is able to see & is in good health.

Management Information Base (MIB) file

Up until now, there are no medications that are specifically designed for blindness. This is the reason why an insurance company cannot know if you are blind or not by looking simply at the history of your prescription.

Regarding MIB, they won’t have any records that may indicate that the applicant is blind. Even if these records do indicate, still it wouldn’t matter much because none of the companies cares much about blindness. Therefore, neither the prescription history nor the MIB file will come into play when applied for burial insurance for the blind.

Policy options for the blind

The first thing to be kept in mind is that the entire history of the applicant comes into play. If one only looks at blindness regarding eligibility and doesn’t touch any other health issues, it could be broken into two sections.

  • Being blind and independent

This policy option is actually very simple. If you can handle a lack of vision and are totally independent in handling your entire daily activities and other matters, then every single final insurance company will accept you without any issues.

This has to be kept in mind that the insurance companies don’t ask for blindness; therefore, it is not a risk factor they actually care about. You will be 100% eligible for instant coverage. In addition to that, you will also qualify for the lowest possible rates with these companies. You will be paying the same rates as a normal healthy person.

  • Being blind and requiring assistance with daily activities

This is somewhat a difficult situation, and you obviously have limited options. All the doors aren’t closed though, yet most of them are. The first option in this situation is to apply with a company that doesn’t ask whether you need help with daily activities, while the second one is to take out a guaranteed issue policy.

Both the above-mentioned scenarios will result in you getting coverage. The first option looks quite better than the second one, though.

Best burial insurance companies for the blind

Royal Neighbors of America

Royal Neighbors of America is actually the only company that is known to provide burial insurance for the blind. The reason is that their health questionnaire is devoid of anything that is related to home healthcare or requiring assistance with daily activities.

Full immediate coverage can be secured with the Royal Neighbors of America, and one can get the lowest rate they offer. The policyholder will not be subject to any type of penalties.

Qualification with Royal Neighbors of America

There are a variety of health questions with Royal Neighbors. Some of these questions are for the conditions that if the applicants have, that will make them totally ineligible for the coverage. In this situation, the only option that is left is to purchase a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

The vast majority of burial insurance companies will ask if a person requires help with activities of daily living or ADL. If the answer is yes, they will be knocked out immediately. These companies will simply decline any coverage with this answer.

A guaranteed acceptance policy basically has no underwriting of any kind. If the applicant simply meets the age requirements and is of sound mind to enter into a legal contract, they qualify. There are two drawbacks of this policy i.e.

  • The premiums are higher

  • The waiting period is of 2 years before the policy pays benefits

The guaranteed issue policy will certainly be the last resort if one requires qualification with the Royal Neighbors. If one has to resort to a guaranteed issue policy, a few cheapest companies in the market are AIG and Mutual of Omaha.

All of these companies are capable of winning the price war of different ages. It depends on your current age when you choose the cheapest option among those companies.

AIG guaranteed issue policy

The burial insurance coverage through AIG can be purchased as either term or permanent. The plans are limited to other term insurance policies; these plans are limited to the length of the coverage term that is chosen by the applicant.

With AIG guaranteed issue whole life policy, the applicants can secure lifetime life insurance protection without any health questions or medical exams which is very suitable for blind people. The policy offers a range of benefit amounts and the amount of the premium remains level, and thus cannot increase for any reason. The average cost for a  funeral is $8500.00.

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