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It can be a challenge to find burial insurance with a pre-existing condition. People often find it frustrating when it comes to looking for life insurance coverage as some companies simply tend to decline the pre-existing conditions or classify them as high risk and in the end offer them a high premium.

There is no doubt that these are big challenges, yet finding burial insurance with a pre-existing condition is still possible. Most of the applicants with pre-existing conditions would be quite surprised to know how affordable their policy could actually be.

No matter what your pre-existing medical conditions are or how poor your health is, there are still open life insurance options that are available for you. Today, there are many insurance companies in the market that specialize in insuring different types of applicants with high-risk and pre-existing conditions.

Most of these companies actually understand the conditions of their applicants and thus have experience with high-risk applicants. By understanding your conditions, they will give you affordable protection. Therefore, it is quite easy to qualify for coverage for most pre-existing medical conditions.

Finding coverage for burial life insurance

People are quite aware that pre-existing health issues are no joke, especially when they try to find coverage for burial life insurance. The applicant’s current and recent health history is one of the main determining factors that these companies use. This way, they determine your rates and options.

The list of the pre-existing conditions is as follows:


High cholesterol


Chronic bronchitis

Atrial Fibrillation


Bipolar disorder


Blood clots




Blood thinners

Kidney disease



Chewing tobacco

Sleep apnea

Congestive heart failure


The majority of pre-existing conditions are easy to qualify for burial insurance. Most of these conditions are listed and are covered by at least one too many insurance companies. There is very little chance that you fall under the category where it gets difficult to obtain burial insurance.

In such a situation, you can always find a company that offers guaranteed issue life insurance plans. These companies offer no medical underwriting that allows you to bypass any type of issues that are caused due to your health.

How burial insurance companies determine eligibility

When it comes to signing up for a burial insurance policy, most companies tend to assess the health of the applicants and figure out what policy the applicant actually qualifies for. Nowadays, most companies render a decision within minutes of submitting the application.

Some of the companies can take up to three days before the applicant knows whether the application is accepted or not. The underwriting standards of every burial insurance company are different. While an applicant might qualify for one company, he/she might not qualify for the other one.

Over the years, the competition among the insurance companies has resulted in there being great underwriting diversity. The key question for the individual that is shopping for the policy is to find out which is the best policy that is available in the market.

  • Answering health-related questions

When applying for burial insurance with pre-existing conditions, you must understand that for every insurance company, the health questions are actually the most important element. This certainly helps these companies to determine what you qualify for.

As an applicant, you have to keep in mind that if you say YES to any of the health questions from the insurance company, it will mean one of the two things. The minimum will be that it will result in a higher monthly premium. If it is the other case, it will mean a higher monthly premium and modified benefits payout in the first two years.

If the final expense or burial insurance company does not ask about the issues related to health, it obviously means that they are fine with it. For example, an insurance company will never ask about cholesterol levels, because they perfectly accept it. The same applies to other issues.

  • Analysis of your health prescriptionshow much does a funeral cost

Along with various health questions, every burial insurance company will analyze your entire prescription history. It will be a way for the company to validate your health. They will look at the medications by name, when they were prescribed first and how often you refill them.

These burial insurance companies know what medications treat which conditions. If you have a prescription in your pharmacy that actually denies one of your answers to the health questions that are asked, it will override your no answer.

You have to understand that ultimately no final expense company will take your word simply that you don’t have a condition. They get to know about it when they examine your prescribed medication for whatever condition is in the question.

  • Your MIB file

The word MIB stands for Medical Information Bureau. It is an organization designed to help insurance companies to avoid adverse selection when underwriting insurance applications. When you apply for life insurance, that company will make a brief report about you to MIB.

While applying for a life insurance policy, the MIB file is analyzed by the insurer for any type of relevant records. They actually look for information that may conflict with your answers to the health-related questions that the company has asked. If they find a discrepancy, they will probably suspend or deny your application.

The MIB system was actually designed to avoid the applicants that try to withhold the truth. Therefore, if you are honest, the MIB file never becomes an issue for you. The good thing about MIB is it results in lower rates overall for the people who are honest because it takes out the ones who would attempt to mislead the insurance policy providers.

How life insurance companies view pre-existing medical conditions

A pre-existing condition can be of many forms. It could either be treatable or might be terminal. Such a pre-existing condition could be by birth or diagnosed recently. The conditions that do affect the life insurance eligibility can range from high blood pressure to diabetes or even cancer.

There is a wide range of health issues that fall in the category of a pre-existing medical condition. This could either increase your premium or even cause you not to qualify for coverage. The insurance companies assess your medical condition according to the seriousness of your pre-existing condition and your risk of premature death.

There are various insurance companies that offer coverage to high-risk applicants. A few companies would deny you coverage because of your health condition. Some companies tend to understand your condition and are experienced in high-risk handling applicants; these companies will thus offer affordable protection.

It is based on your level of risk that what type of plan you qualify for and how much insurance premium you have to pay. As an applicant, you must be aware that depending on your pre-existing condition, you can always find an insurance company that provides affordable burial insurance coverage.

burial insurance and its types

The great advantage of burial insurance is how fast you obtain life insurance coverage for yourself and your loved ones. Comparing with traditional life insurance, which includes a medical exam, the burial insurance would not require you to wait for weeks to get the coverage.

Rather than waitinglife insurance term for a month or even a longer period of time, you can be eligible for burial insurance in a few minutes to quite a few days. There are no physical or medical exams, and some plans don’t even have medical questions. There are two types of burial insurance.

If you qualify for the simplified issue burial insurance, you will get immediate coverage. You will get the coverage from the first day, and your beneficiaries will be eligible to receive the full death benefit if you happen to die for any reason.

When you have applied for the simplified issue burial insurance with no waiting period, there will be several health questions that will be asked from you to determine whether you qualify for the coverage and how much will be your premiums.

As an applicant, you should understand that the simplified issue burial insurance is a good alternative if you are not able to qualify for the fully underwritten burial life insurance because of your pre-existing medical condition.

The guaranteed issue policies are whole life insurance policies that actually last for your entire life. This type of life insurance requires no health questions. The guaranteed issue doesn’t need to take a medical exam or answer any sort of health question to qualify.

With such insurance, the insurance company will not look at your prescription history or even MIB. You will be approved for coverage no matter what your pre-existing condition is. For the ones not able to qualify for simplified issue burial insurance, this is an excellent plan.

There is a two-year waiting period for the guaranteed issue policies, where your beneficiary will not be able to receive the full death benefit if you pass away from natural causes during this two-year period. You will be fully covered for accidental death, though.

What if I get declined because of a pre-existing condition?

If the burial insurance company has declined your life insurance coverage, this actually happens to quite a few people. Often the company you have applied might not be the right company for you. There are insurance agents that can get you approved for life insurance coverage.

These agents shop your case to multiple life insurance companies and get the best plan that actually fulfills are your requirements. If you happen to be considered uninsurable because of the pre-existing condition that you have, you can be able to get a guaranteed issue life insurance plan.

The guaranteed issue plan will get you approved for coverage regardless of your pre-existing medical condition. You should keep in mind that you might have to pay a little higher premium, but you will be able to get the coverage without any issues.

Improved health and life insurance

If your life insurance coverage is denied or you have to pay higher rates because of the pre-existing condition, this seems quite unfair. However, you should give a thought that improved health can improve your rates and chances of approval for insurance coverage.

You can make the strongest case by controlling a pre-existing condition with diet and exercise. This way, you can make an insurance company approve your policy. If you are approved initially for a policy at a higher rate, your lifestyle changes can boost your health, and once your numbers are back within the normal range and there is an improvement shown in your medical records, you can then be able to shop the insurance market to find an affordable policy.

If you are in a little different situation and were denied coverage initially, it is best not to wait to get the life insurance as some insurance coverage is better than nothing. It is advised not to wait long to buy life insurance until the condition improves. You can always re-apply for coverage after getting reassessed at the time of underwriting to see if you get eligible for a more favorable rate class.

How can funeral funds be helpful?

There are various insurance agencies that can be helpful if you are looking for burial insurance with a pre-existing condition. These agencies are experienced enough to work with you side by side to find the best plan that fits your needs.

Such types of agencies are available in the market that will guide you every step of the way to find a plan that fits your financial budget and requirements. You will not waste your precious time searching for multiple insurance companies because these agencies are there to handle all these headaches. The average cost of a funeral is $8500.00

There are many A+ rated insurance companies that are specialized in covering high-risk clients, while these agencies help their clients to find such companies. Compare us to Colonial Penn or Globe life insurance. We have Mutual of Omaha burial insurance with no waiting periods.  You can get the best rates out of those companies by getting the best burial insurance company available for your medical needs. Hi, I’m Mitch Winstead, I’ve been helping people with burial insurance for over 20 years. If you have any questions or would like a quote with no obligations, call our office today toll-free at 1-866-598-8170.  Or you can email us at

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