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burial insuranceIf you have been diagnosed with one of the many types of liver diseases, you might have thought about what options are available for you regarding life insurance. life insurance and liver disease are a combo, which is obviously insurable in some instances.

There are many different kinds of liver disease and different levels of severity. Therefore, your situation might not be the exact same as the next person’s. For some people, looking for any type of life insurance can be a daunting task, whether they are healthy or not.

For some reason, many people are under the false impression that the insurance companies happen to turn away the applicants that have cirrhosis. There are actually a lot of burial insurance companies that are ready to work with such people. Therefore, cirrhosis won’t stop them from qualifying for an affordable burial insurance plan.

Though there aren’t many companies that offer full coverage to people with cirrhosis, there are certain agencies that can point the right direction for the coverage, and help people find much faster and more convenient ways than going through the whole process alone.

Liver diseases and life insurance

There are various types of liver disease, and approval from life insurance companies basically depends on which type you have, and what symptoms you may be experiencing already. Some common symptoms of liver disease are blood sugar imbalance, digestive issues, fat absorption problems, immune disorders, and metabolism inefficiencies.

Every life insurance company is going to look to see how liver disease has actually impacted your life, and what kind of long-term issues may arise. These insurance companies also evaluate the likelihood of any complications to more serious diseases.

The patient will also be evaluated on the basis of the level of treatment. The life insurance companies will research if the applicant has been seeking little treatment with great results, or in other cases having a significant amount of treatment over a long period of time with quite a little success.

Various other daily activities also influence whether or not you may be a risk for life insurance. The liver disease is just one cog in the machine in which an underwriter will evaluate the application. Various aspects like smoking, drinking alcohol, and obesity will harm your chances of getting life insurance.

The lowdown about burial insurance with cirrhosis

Not to the surprise, cirrhosis is one of the conditions that every burial life insurance company tend to ask about. With this, it is very important to understand that different burial insurance companies respond to this disease in a different way.

As we are aware that the application process for final expense insurance will only entail the health questions; therefore, as an applicant, you don’t need to provide the medical records, or take an exam. There are various causes of liver cirrhosis, and it is quite a serious condition that can wreak havoc on your entire body.

Liver cirrhosis ultimately reduces life expectancy. This is the reason why the burial insurance companies have to change cirrhosis patients with a higher monthly premium. The main thing to focus on is that you are still able to get the coverage and qualify for one of the companies that offer you instant protection with no waiting period.

Why do the insurance providers care about cirrhosis of the liver?

Cirrhosis is the later stage of fibrosis or the scarring of the liver caused by many forms of liver conditcolonial penn insuranceions and diseases like chronic alcoholism and hepatitis. There are other possible causes of cirrhosis that include cystic fibrosis, bile ducts destruction, fat accumulation in the liver & medications like methotrexate.

Every time a liver is injured, it heals itself, and as it heals itself, it creates scar tissue. As cirrhosis progresses, it forms more scar tissues. As the scarring continues, the liver gets unable to perform the basic functions at its full capacity.

A healthy liver has many health functions that are necessary, which include cleaning your blood, detoxifying harmful substances in the body, and making vital nutrients. The insurance companies understand that severe liver damage leads to liver failure and possible death.

Cirrhosis can only be slowed and halted if liver disease is detected in the early stages of development. Such health issues tend to impact the mortality and life spans of cirrhosis patients. Many insurance companies may not offer the best plans, and some may not offer any plans at all to people with cirrhosis.

Qualifying for burial insurance with cirrhosis of the liver

For many without any pre-existing condition, obtaining a traditional life insurance protection means just applying for the coverage, and then waits for the policy to be approved. However, if you have significant medical problems, then your application might be denied.

Things are different in the case of burial insurance. Having cirrhosis of the liver will not disqualify you from the final expense insurance, funeral insurance, and burial insurance plan. There is an immediate benefit with first-day coverage available, even if you suffer from liver cirrhosis.

Therefore, cirrhosis patients will be quite relieved that full protection is available for them from day one with no waiting period. You can easily qualify with some companies that are able to help you; so many clients with cirrhosis of the liver get approved for immediate coverage.

Cirrhosis underwriting

The burial insurance companies are only interested in knowing one thing, do you have cirrhosis or not? This is what they care about. What these insurance companies don’t care about is

  • The cause of cirrhosis i.e., Hepatitis C, alcohol abuse, or fatty liver from diabetes or obesity.

  • The severity of the condition.

  • For how long you have had this condition.

The final expense life insurance companies would not ask for any details regarding your condition. These funeral insurance companies attempt to get information about most health issues by asking different questions and analyzing the prescription history of the applicant. One thing to be noted is that there are no specific drugs used to treat only cirrhosis.

The drugs that the doctors prescribe for cirrhosis are also used to treat various other conditions like blood pressure etc. It is for this particular reason that the burial insurance companies are unable to determine that you have cirrhosis only by checking the history of your prescription. These companies rely solely on your answers to their health questions.

Liver function tests

The liver function tests will be some of the most specific information that an underwriter might be reviewing when you apply for a plan. The liver enzyme tests, which were formally called the liver function tests (LFTs), are basically a group of blood tests that detect inflammation and damage to the liver. These tests also check how well the liver is responding.

These tests will seek not only a diagnosis of what is currently happening but also what actually has happened in the past and how much damage has occurred so far. The severity of the damage is the greatest concern for any life insurance company because there are so many other parts of the body that get affected if the liver is not functioning in a proper way.

If the tests happen to show stability and a rapid decline in the health of the liver, then the chances of getting approved for any life insurance plan become much more difficult. Stability and control of the liver is the key to getting a favorable policy.

Health questions from the underwriter

Every burial insurance company will word their health questions in their own specific way. The overwhelming majority of these companies will not reference a specific period of time when they tend to ask about cirrhosis. The basic reason is that it is not a curable condition.

Following are the set of questions that the underwriters usually ask:

  • What was the date of the original diagnosis?

  • Are you currently undergoing any treatment?

  • Previously, what type of treatment have you gone through?

  • Are you hepatitis positive?

  • Have you had issues with any related body organs?

There are likely to be more questions than depending on your unique situation. Any doctor you may have visited previously will be contacted by the life insurance company to verify your history, also your treatments and medications. All of this information will help the insurance provider to make the best decision regarding your level of health risk.

Policy options when you have cirrhosis

It is very important for you to remember that all your health issues might come into play when you are to apply for a burial insurance policy. You should remember that there are no final expanse companies that would not charge more money on your monthly premium. You always have to pay more money as compared to a person who doesn’t have cirrhosis.

  • Paying higher premium and having immediate full protectionlife insurance term

There are some burial insurance companies that will offer a full immediate death benefit. If granted, they will charge you a little bit higher premium, but at least there is no waiting period at all.

  • Paying higher premium and the policy pays some benefits at the start

This is known as a graded burial insurance plan by most insurance companies. This type of policy would pay anywhere from 30-40% of the death benefit if you happen to die within the first year of the policy. If you were to die within the second year, it would pay out 70-80% of the death benefit.

There are various companies that offer this kind of plan to cirrhosis applicants. If you don’t happen to qualify with any company, then a graded plan seems like the next best option that is available for you.

  • Paying a much higher premium and the policy pays no benefits in the first two years

The companies that offer this place you in the category of highest risk. Most of the burial insurance companies call this their modified plan. Along with a much higher premium, your policy would not pay out any death benefit if you die within the first two years. If you do happen to die at this particular time, they will refund all your premiums plus the refund.

There is no reason to ever go for a modified plan because of your cirrhosis. There seems to be no reason to ever take a modified plan from any insurance company under any type of circumstance. The reason is that because a guaranteed issue plan would have almost the same two years waiting period with quite a lower monthly premium.

  • You will flat out be declined altogether

There are some insurance companies that will completely decline you because of your cirrhosis. Though it is a rare situation, it does happen. It is not something to get worried as there are so many other companies that will accept you with this condition.

Finding the best burial insurance with cirrhosis

In essence, your basic job is to find a company that is highly qualified and properly equipped and can give you the best plan. If you follow this way, you can put yourself in a great position to get a really good deal. In order to find the best burial insurance with cirrhosis, it is critically important that you work with an experienced and independent agency that has access to many insurance providers.

Companies like this actually pull the prices from all the different insurers that they represent to get you the cheapest possible plan. When you work with such an agency, it is completely free. The reason for being free is simple that the agency you work with will be paid by the insurance company. Therefore, it means that they don’t need to charge you.

Furthermore, your insurance would not cost more because you bought this plan through an agency. All the insurance plans by law are regulated to be the same. This simply means that no matter what agent or agency you buy from, the price will always remain the same.

The key to getting the ideal price is by finding which insurer is going to look at your health in the most favorable way. This is where an independent agency comes into play. An independent agency does all the heavy lifting for you to save your money and time. These agencies evaluate all your health-related issues to determine which life insurance company and policy is best suited for you.

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