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high blood pressureOf all the health conditions that affect your application for final expense insurance, aka burial insurance diverticulitis is considered as one of the mildest. Only in the most severe of the cases will it have any impact on your application or the premium rate, and even then not to the level that might be the case with many other chronic health conditions.

There are some people who believe that having diverticulitis will prevent their qualification for an affordable burial insurance plan. If you happen to get diagnosed with diverticulitis, it is very important to understand that when the time comes to apply for a traditional term or whole life insurance plan, you would really want to make sure that the insurance agent understands it.

If ordinary life insurance is not the best way, then you might be encouraged to choose life insurance that has no medical exam. For the ones, who have a more severe health condition, a guaranteed issue life insurance from the best final expense and burial insurance companies might be your best option.

What is diverticulitis?

Diverticulitis is a problem that is related to digestion, and it occurs when the pouches that form in the wall of the large intestine become infected or inflamed. This sometimes causes extreme pain that might last from a few hours to a few days. Most commonly, men suffer from this condition and most frequently in men over the age of 60.

Diverticulitis may result in bloating, tenderness, and pain in the lower abdomen that is usually on the left side. It also causes diarrhea, chills, and a low-grade fever. The actual cause of diverticulitis is not entirely known, but it is widely believed that diverticula form when the high-pressure areas inside the colon push against the weaker spots in the colon wall, commonly in the lower part of the large intestine.

Bleeding diverticulitis occurs when a hole starts to develop between the pouch and the blood vessel. This causes blood to appear in your stool that normally stops on its own. However, in critical cases, it can be serious enough to require surgery to get corrected. Once a diverticulum forms, it then becomes permanent in your colon. There is no such treatment to prevent complications of the disease.

Surgeries for diverticulitis

Though it is a bit uncommon, it may become necessary to have surgery to treat diverticulitis. There are two main types of surgeries that are related to diverticulitis:

  • The primary bowel resection

  • Bowel resection with colostomy

The deal with these surgeries is simple, and it actually won’t matter much. While there are very few burial insurance companies that actually ask about any recent surgeries or hospitalizations, but most of these companies don’t bother to ask. Having any type of surgery because of diverticulitis will obviously not have any effect on your ability to secure instant coverage and getting the lowest cost plan.

Applying for life insurance having diverticulitis

How your life insurance company will consider diverticulitis depends on its severity and the frequency of flare-ups, and any type of complications arising from this condition. As is the case with any type of health condition, proper management of such an illness is critical. You should get the necessary treatment, including any follow-up therapies.

Apart from the reality that you have diverticulitis, your overall health always plays a major role. In the process of controlling diverticulitis, you must be doing your best to maintain good overall health. This means that you ensure a favoring high-fiber diet, taking supplements to reduce the impact of this condition, drinking plenty of water, and getting adequate exercise.

Any conditions or habits apart from diverticulitis can have a negative impact on your application. You should avoid smoking, drug usage, excess consumption of alcohol, and other dangerous habits and hobbies. If you have better overall health, you will have a better chance for your life insurance application to get approved at the preferred rates, even with diverticulitis.

burial insurance with diverticulitiscolonial penn life insurance

There is not a single burial insurance company that asks about diverticulitis in their health questionnaire. As they don’t ask about it, it certainly means that they don’t care about it much. Therefore, you will easily qualify for a level of death benefit with any company that you apply. Your insurance coverage will go into full effect on an immediate basis, and you will be eligible for the lowest prices with every insurer.

With burial insurance, you never have to take any type of physical or medical exam. There are some health questions that you have to answer. In most cases, you will know whether you are approved within the first 15 minutes.

Life with diverticulitis could be very uncomfortable and painful at times. This is worth noting that it is a highly treatable condition. When it is about burial insurance, diverticulitis very rarely causes the slightest complication.

burial insurance underwriting for diverticulitis

The process of underwriting is the one in which the insurance companies determine if you are eligible for particular coverage. Every burial insurance company will ask you a few health-related questions, and these insurance companies will also check your medical prescription history.

After they have all the required information, they will be able to decide whether or not to approve your application. The final expense insurance companies don’t care much about the severity of the health issues. To these companies, it is either yes or no. You either have the conditions that they ask about, or you may not have them.

When you apply for life insurance, your agent will ask you many questions about diverticulosis. A few common questions are as follows:

  • When were you diagnosed with having diverticulitis?

  • How frequent are the attacks?

  • When was the last attack?

  • Did you ever require surgery for your diverticulitis?

  • Are you still having attacks, or have you recovered from your treatments?

  • Have your diverticulitis led to any type of complications?

  • What medications are you taking for this condition?

The common medicines for diverticulitis include Ciprofloxacin, metronidazole, tazobactam, and many other types of antibiotics. All of these medications are basically insurable, but it depends on the severity of the condition of your diverticulitis.

It is very important for the insurance applicant to show the insurance company that the diverticulitis is under control. It is important not to lie or leave any information out of the application. If the underwriters don’t have a clear idea about your condition, they could get confused, and it is possible that they might decline your application.

Policy options for burial insurance with diverticulitis

As none of the insurance companies care anyway about diverticulitis, therefore, the options are endless. It will be quite easy for you to qualify for a level death benefit with every single insurance provider. A level death benefit means two basic things.

  • Your insurance coverage comes into full effect right from the first day.

  • You have the option to pay the lowest premium that is offered by the insurance company.

If, as an applicant, you would like to know exactly how much you have to pay, then it is better to run some quotes. After filling out these quotes, you will see the real prices from many final expense life insurance companies. The rates will surely be realistic as none of the carriers care about this condition.

life insurance quotes with diverticulitislow cost whole life

Diverticulitis is obviously not a fatal condition. The main reason it becomes an issue for life insurance is that the attacks from diverticulitis lead to serious internal damages if the condition is not treated in a proper way. A good strategy is to wait for at least one year after the last attack before applying.

A fine strategy will help your rating because it will show the insurance companies that you have recovered without any major issues. The insurance carrier would want to know that whether you require any surgery for your diverticulitis. Though each company has slightly different rules, a few of the major general writing standards are:

  • Preferred plus

The preferred plus is possible for the applicants that have recovered without surgery and haven’t suffered from any attack in more than a year. The applicant should be in perfect health and would require an evaluation like colonoscopy to show the insurance company that there are no such complications.

  • Preferred

The preferred rating is for the applicants that recovered without surgery and haven’t had any attack in over a year, plus their health condition is decent. It is a little less strict than the preferred plus rating, so the applicants can have some small health issues like being a little overweight or having a bit of high cholesterol.

  • Standard

This is the best rating for anyone who required surgery to recover from diverticulitis. The applicant should not have had any sort of complications and also had no such incidents in the past year.

  • Substandard

The substandard or table rating is for the applicants that needed surgery but had complications like abscesses or fibulas that occurred as a result of their diverticulosis. The rating of the applicant will depend on how long it has been since an incident happened and how serious was the surgery, and whether the applicant suffers from any other type of health issue.

  • Decline

Any applicant that had signs of internal hemorrhaging due to their diverticulosis will not be accepted by the insurance companies.

Finding the best burial insurance with diverticulitis

As this health condition is basically a non-issue, it is just a matter of finding which burial insurance company has the cheapest of the prices. There should be no reason to pay more for the exact same thing. There are two things that you can do:

  • You can either personally call anywhere up to around 10-20 final expense life insurance companies by getting quotes from each one.

  • You can allow an independent agency to get all the same quotes from the same insurance companies for you free of charge.

To find the best burial insurance with any health condition for that matter, especially diverticulitis, it is important to enlist the service of a qualified independent agency that actually represents many burial insurance companies.

These independent agencies exist only to help you to find which insurance company will give you the ideal deal. It is important that these agencies don’t represent any particular company, as all they should care about is helping you to find the best plan at the best possible price.

Value of time

If you happen to know that you require a burial insurance plan, then it is the right time to take immediate action. The reasons could be:

  • If you don’t have any coverage now, there will be a huge financial related burden on your family in case of your death.

  • Your qualification for any burial insurance plan is basically determined by your health condition. Though diverticulitis is not a big issue whatsoever, a heart attack, a stroke, or any sign of cancer will change things significantly.

If you are waiting for any particular reason, you are obviously risking your health, changing in a negative manner. This could certainly be quite much higher premium rates or the waiting periods before your insurance coverage goes into effect.

People who seem to find the best insurance policy take their time to review their options and ask any questions that they have in their minds. Thus they seek out those life insurance agents who not only have experience working with individuals who have been diagnosed with any pre-existing medical conditions but have access to different insurance companies.

The insurance agencies are experienced enough to tell you that in addition to offering a wide variety of different term and whole life insurance policies, usually, they also work hard to establish relationships with many of the best final expense insurance providers as well.

The reason to establish relationships is that in the event if someone is unable to qualify for the traditional life insurance policy, there are many chances that there may be some other type of insurance product that you will be able to qualify for.

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