Can I buy Burial Insurance if I have Sleep Apnea

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A Brief Introduction to Burial Insurance

low cost whole lifeBurial Insurance is also referred to as whole life insurance or final expense life insurance. The policy provides death benefits from $5000 to $25000. People buy Burial Insurance to get funeral and burial expenses for themselves and their family members. It is very easy to get this type of insurance. Most Burial Insurance policies come with accelerated death benefits which means you can access a portion of your death benefits if you have a terminal illness to help pay for medical expenses. Burial Insurance is different than pension death benefits or medicare death benefits. It is also separate.  from annuity death benefits All you have to do is just answer a few simple health questions and without any medical exam. There are several other names that are used instead of Burial Insurance, such as funeral insurance and final expense insurance.  It means that this policy lasts lifelong as long as premiums are paid.  Some people may also have a pensions death benefit available. Some insurers also use the term life coverage for burial expenses. A Burial Insurance policy will provide a life insurance payout to your beneficiary (s).  Burial Insurance is different than an accidental death benefit.

The premiums can be paid on a weekly or monthly basis. These are not very large amounts.  When you break it down, you usually have to pay small round numbers like $2, $3, or $5 per week or $20-$50 per month as an example. The death benefit will be according to the death age of a person. Different burial policies are designed to cover the death expenses of a single person or a whole family.

Burial policies could be useful in many situations. Today we are going to discuss why you need Burial Insurance if you suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a kind of severe sleep disorder. Your breathing stops and repeatedly starts if you are suffering from this disorder. If you snore loudly and feel exhausted, even having a lot of sleep, then you are likely to have sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea and Burial Insurance

There is a misconception among people that if they have sleep apnea, then they cannot qualify for a Burial Insurance plan, or they may not be considered by the insurance providers. But in reality, it is totally the opposite. Most of the insurance providers don’t even care about sleep apnea. They feel comfortable while offering low-cost final expense insurance for sleep apnea. Most insurance companies will not place an applicant in the high-risk category if he/she suffers from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is like nothing for them.

So it is good news for the applicants that suffer from sleep apnea and want to get whole life insurance plans. They will easily qualify for it. But there is bad news also because some insurance providers will try to charge you with higher and expensive plans without immediate protection in full, and you will end up wasting your time.

There are 3 main types of sleep apnea:

Central Sleep Apnea

It occurs when your brain doesn’t send proper signals to those muscles that control breathing.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

It is the most common form of sleep apnea, and it occurs when your throat muscles relax.

Complex Sleep Apnea

It occurs when a person suffers from both of the types mentioned above of sleep apnea.

Most of the insurance providers won’t even bother to ask you which type of sleep apnea do you have. The question will be simple that Do you have sleep apnea? And the answer should be simple, yes or no. Many wrong insurance agencies will try to misguide you here. They will try to charge higher premiums depending upon the type of sleep apnea, but you should stay away from them.

Now the question is, Do you actually need to have Burial Insurance if you are suffering from sleep apnea? The answer is yes. There are numerous reasons behind it, such as:

Chances of Death Due To Sleep Apnea

Studies show that people that are suffering from sleep apnea have a much higher risk of mortality as compared to those that do not have sleep apnea. Some people suffer from severe conditions of sleep apnea, which includes frequent breathing pauses during sleep. Their risk of death is 3 times higher due to any cause as compared to other people that do not have sleep apnea. Patients with sleep apnea are also vulnerable to many more diseases that include cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

So, it is clear that your life is at risk if you are suffering from sleep apnea, and you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. As we already discussed that most of the insurance providers do not even care about sleep apnea when you apply for a Burial Insurance plan. You won’t also need to undergo a medical exam for Burial Insurance. While, if you go for any other insurance plan such as term life insurance, then it would be difficult for you to get approved due to sleep apnea. So, it would be a good idea to get a Burial Insurance plan and get your funeral expenses covered through it.

Less Financial Hardships for Your Family

If you are a patient of sleep apnea and you are the only person that generates income for your family, then having a Burial Insurance plan can reduce the financial hardships that they could face on your funeral expenses. Now the funeral expenses are much higher as compared to old times, and an average funeral can cost from $5000 to $8000 easily on different costs. Your family could face a lot of hardships if they couldn’t afford these expenses. They will run towards different options, which include taking loans from relatives and friends etc. It is expected that by 2030 an average funeral will cost around $18000. As Burial Insurance will cover all the costs of funeral services (Metal Casket, Basic Service Fee, Flowers Cost, preparation, printing memorial, etc.), and they will get the benefit in the form of cash, there won’t be any financial problem for them. Not only you, but you can also get your family members insured for a Burial Insurance plan.

An Estimated Cost of Funeral Services are as follows:

• Metal Casket: $2,400 • Basic Services Fee: $2,100

• Vault: $1,395

• Enmities/Staff for Ceremony: $500

• Facilities/Staff for Viewing: $425

life ins with umbrella


• Hearse: $325

• Removal or Transfer of Remains: $325

• Preparation: $250

• Palming: $725

• Facilitating for Memorial: $160

• Service Vehicle(s): $150

• Hearse: $325

• Removal or Transfer of Remains: $325

• Preparation: $250

• Palming: $725

• Facilitating for Memorial: $160

• Service Vehicle(s): $150

These costs are expected to get much higher in the upcoming years, and it will be difficult for many families to afford these expenditures. So Burial Insurance can save your loved ones from many troubles.

Premiums Always Stay The Same

Premiums are the small amount that you pay weekly on a monthly basis depending upon the insurance plan. Another advantage of Burial Insurance or whole life insurance is that the amount paid in the premiums remains the same for the whole life as long as the policy remains, and they are paid on time. If you buy any other insurance policy, then the amount that you pay in terms of premiums may vary over time. Stock market and other economic factors may influence other policies, but it remains the same for Burial Insurance. For example, if a person is paying a premium of $3 weekly, then he will keep paying this amount for the rest of his life as long as the insurance plan carries on.

You Can Have A Funeral of Your Choice

With the help of Burial Insurance, you can save lower amounts that are put aside in your policy, and that will be used on your funeral expenses. Also, your family will need a place to grieve instead of worrying about your funeral arrangement so, this is the best that you can do for them.


From all the matters that are discussed above, it is very clear that if you are suffering from sleep apnea, then having Burial Insurance or a funeral insurance plan could be advantageous for you in several ways. Also, you won’t need to pay big premiums like other insurance plans as a minimal amount of $3 to $5 a week would be enough to cover a lot of benefits. We already discussed that if you are a patient of sleep apnea, then your life would always be at risk. So, a Burial Insurance plan would help to cover your funeral charges. Also, your family won’t struggle at your funeral as you can also get a pre-paid funeral plan. The last and most important thing is to find the right insurance provider; otherwise, you will be charged higher and misguided by many insurance providers, and you will end up wasting your time.  Hi, I am MitchWinstead from Advanced Mutual Group. I have been an insurance Broker for over 20 years.  If you have any questions about this article or would like a quote with no obligations, please call our office toll-free1-866-598-8170. Our email address is mitch@allstarseniorbenefits.comcheapest burial insurance

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