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Our pets are our family; they deserve the best!

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance can be defined as a healthcare policy for the pet that reimburses for certain medical expenses. It can be grouped into dog walking Insurance or even exotic pet Insurance This obviously protects against the main risk of paying medical fees for the pet that are high, or in worst case scenario putting the pet down as one is not able to afford the fees for its surgery. There are other types of Insurance such as pet sitting Insurance, and pet dental Insurance.

If the pet gets ill or has some accident, the Insurance plan, in this case, is a lifesaver. It is worth to be noted that the pet health Insurance plans cover not all pet illnesses; therefore, whether it is a dog or a cat, one has to read the program carefully before buying it.

Most of the health Insurance plans are paid on a monthly basis or cost a very reasonable amount yearly. After paying the premium, one can get the medical costs reimbursed, though in the case of a dog, hip dysplasia is not covered by an Insurance plan, yet it is a kind of an ailment.

The pet Insurance policy somewhat differentiates from the human Insurance policy wherein the case of human Insurance, the policyholder pays a small portion of the bill & the Insurance company makes the rest of the payment. Here he has to pay the full amount out of pocket & then claim for reimbursement.

How does Pet Insurance work?

Many people believe that Pet Insurance resembles human Insurance; however, it is a sort of property Insurance. Primarily the pet Insurance cover dogs, cats & horses. Though, with time several other exotic kinds of animals have been included to receive pet Insurance coverage.

Different countries offer different types of health Insurance plans, e.g., in the UK the Insurance policies might pay all the vet’s fees. In the United States and Canada, the policies are somewhat different; mostly, the companies tend to spend (70-100%) of vet costs after reaching a deductible.

Pet Insurance companies realize that certain people try to get Insurance when their pet is already sick. Therefore, the companies have a waiting period between buying the policy and when illness coverage of the pet (either a dog or a cat) actually begins.

The waiting period for the pet’s accident coverage is a few days. One has to pay out of the pocket first and afterward can file a claim, to get the reimbursement from the insurer. The next step is the evaluation of the claim. The insurers will evaluate, & if approved, they will then reimburse the amount.

The process of reimbursement is rather simple and mostly takes two to three days, but if the claims are complicated, it could take a week or longer.  The reimbursement also depends on how the insurer structures the Insurance plan.

In the past, most pet Insurance plans did not cover preventive care, i.e., vaccinations, recently a few companies in the United States offer routine-care coverage, which is also called comprehensive coverage. Some providers now cover dental care, prescription drugs & alternative treatments.

Types of Pet Insurance Policies

The pet Insurance comparison for a dog or a cat can be a daunting process if you are unsure of what each different kind of policy might cover. Before making comparisons of pet Insurance quotes, it’s essential to understand which kind of product is more appropriate. Pet Insurance has four categories:

  • Accident Only

This type of Insurance offers cover for vet fees as a result of sudden injury within a year of the policy period. It is a low budget option as this type of coverage might be suitable for minor health issues or accidents, though time limits and finances may be applicable.

  • Time-Limited

The time-limited policy allows to claim for a medical condition up to a specific amount, with each new condition is covered for 12 months. After that time, the policy will no longer cover that specific condition, and it is excluded from future claims.

  • Maximum Benefit

It is considered a mid-budget option. This policy usually covers each new medical condition up to a financial limit. Once the financial limit is reached, the situation becomes pre-existing & from future claims, it is excluded. After two years, one might have to pay for the policy access.

Lifetime Insurance offers the most comprehensive cover for a pet. It applies to a dog or cat for a lifetime duration& can be renewed every year. All new medical conditions are covered up to the financial limit. At renewal, the limit is fully reinstated, covering the continuing condition.

Effects of Pet Insurance Premiums

The pet Insurance cost is dependent on how comprehensive you want your coverage to be, the type of pet you have, and the area where you reside. In order to pay less per incident, you have to pay more per month. It depends on what you prefer, either monthly or money back, in case of illness or injury.

A high premium each month will give high reimbursements as compared to low costs per month. Moreover, some plans allow selecting how much amount you want your medical insurer to cover every year; this type of plan is called annual max.

The Insurance companies also charge according to what procedure your pet requires to be covered with. Certain plans allow the option to purchase endorsements or add-ons that enhance the core coverage. This allows the pet expenses to be reimbursed, which standard plans wouldn’t cover.

It is worth noticing that pet Insurance isn’t necessarily more affordable than going without it. It is possible that the pet never gets sick or hurt, and you pay for your pet’s medical cost out of your pocket just for annual checkups, though going without Insurance is a risk that not everyone is ready to take.

Factors to calculate Insurance Premiums

Apart from the coverage level, there are a number of factors about your pet that the Insurance companies use to calculate the Insurance premiums.

  • Species

Dogs obviously cost more than cats to ensure. The male dogs thus have the highest premiums, whereas the female cats have the lowest.

  • Breed

The larger breeds of pets usually cost more than the smaller ones. Most dogs are the larger pet breeds. Cats are smaller in comparison, though particular dog and cat breeds are exceptional. The larger breeds tend to have shorter life spans & can develop more health issues.

  • Age

Age is an essential factor in pet Insurance. The younger pets are much cheaper to insure as their health issues are minimal in their early years.

  • Location

The more densely populated areas have higher Insurance costs than the lesser ones. The premiums vary from state to state and according to the zip code.

Health Insurance Plans

When it comes to pets, a lot of care is required, & as an owner, you must be used to picking up your pet’s food and taking it to the vet for checkups. In order to provide the best possible care for your pet, a pet Insurance policy might be the right option. Pet Insurance can save money on vet visits & preventive care.

Different policies cover emergencies to helping ease the financial burden regarding the pet when you are left with the vet bill. Pet Insurance can help the mind in knowing that any accidents or injuries that may occur are covered. There are different pet Insurance plans that the Insurance companies offer.

  • Nationwide

Nationwide’s pet Insurance offers a list of benefits. The comprehensive plan starts at $35 a month and allows using the vet of your choice. The major medical plan offers to cover prescriptions, surgeries, a few hereditary conditions, and more.

A preventive plan is geared for vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention, and different wellness examinations. The area where Nationwide gets ahead is that not all of the pet Insurance companies cover routine care.

Though specialized in covering dogs and cats, it also covers other exotic pets too. Nationwide gives an option of whether to get reimbursed with a specific amount or a percentage of amounts you paid. The claims are managed in a quick way, and the reimbursements are prompt.

This pet Insurance is a standout for its overall value. It basically offers four deductibles annually at $100, $250, $500 and $750. Its premium prices are generally lower in comparison with other companies. Monthly costs start at $25 for dogs and $15 for cats.

After meeting the annual deductible, any and all-policy-covered incidents will be paid during the rest of the year. For unexpected accidents or illnesses, Healthy Paws reimburses up to 90% of vet bills. Its coverage will not decrease with the aging of the pet.

Healthy Paws is the only pet Insurance company that offers no limits to its plans. It also covers alternative care, & it doesn’t limit hereditary or congenital conditions. One can say that, overall, Healthy Paws is an excellent value for money with different care levels at affordable prices.


ASPCA is the best Insurance provider for more than one pet that offers a 10% discount on multiple pets. With its Insurance plan, you can list all your pets in one policy. This obviously saves time and money since there is only one premium for all your pets.

Brownie and Koda

Brownie and Koda

It covers accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and behavioral issues for dogs and cats in your household and can be used at any vet in the US and even Canada. There is a preventive care plan also that includes vaccines and heartworm treatment for all your pets.

ASPCA has processed more than 1.6 million claims over the past years and is of great value for families, especially the ones that have multiple pets. With ASPCA, one can customize the plan based according to his/her financial situation.

Either it’s an eager dog running that is running into the road or a curious cat that chewed a dangerous plant; any pet can have an accident. That is where a specifically geared emergency Insurance plan can save you money and also make you get rid of stress.

Embrace Pet Insurance offers a catastrophic pet Insurance plan with a deductible from $1000 to $15000 each year in coverage. The monthly cost is also very affordable. The claims at Embrace are addressed efficiently and quickly with after-hour treatment included.

The customer service and care are top-notch. Embrace also covers chronic conditions, behavioral therapy, diagnostic testing, and a lot more. To get reimbursements on pets, one can add to the company’s Wellness Rewards care plan.

Pet First possesses expertise in routine care plans. They deal with a dental cleaning, vaccines, spaying, and neutering that pet needs to stay healthy. It is a bit on the expensive side, though, averaging $235 for dogs and $ 196 for cats per year.

Not all pet Insurance companies reimburse for routine expenses; Pet First routine wellness care applies to all these needs. Pet First Insurance coverage can be used at any vet, specialist, or emergency clinic in the United States.

There are three routine care options that Pet First offers. It depends on whichever you choose; it will include a combination of regular examinations, vaccines, cleaning of teeth, microchipping, parasites prevention, spaying, neutering, and behavior training for the pets.

  • PetsBest

Finding pet Insurance for older animals can be difficult as senior pets are likely to get vet care. Most Insurance companies have restrictions regarding the age of the pets as they won’t accept dogs more than 12 years of age and have similar restrictions for cats also.

The best thing about PetsBest is that it has no upper age limit, so a dog or a cat can enroll in a plan no matter what the age is. While more age does make the rates go up, yet the peace of mind of being insured is worth it.

PetsBest cover emergencies, cancer, illnesses, and other situation that your dog may encounter. Its preventive plan helps cover routine care such as vaccines etc. Customer services are friendly and helpful. Deductibles run up to $1000, and PetsBest plans offer 70%-90% reimbursements.

Duke-the best dog ever.

Duke-the best dog ever.

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