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burial insurance for seniorsTrying to get life insurance is not an easy task, and perhaps that is the reason why around 40% of Americans don’t have life insurance in any form. The importance of life insurance can’t be denied, especially if you are willing to leave something behind for your loved ones.

When you think about your family, it becomes quite clear that you probably need life insurance as a part of your financial protection strategy. Getting through the bureaucratic nightmare that is called life insurance often includes doctor visits and paperwork, and it can be hard to get secure coverage.

This is where Ethos life insurance comes in, as it is an online insurer that only offers term coverage, which can be applied entirely through the website. Ethos generally has positive consumer ratings, with the quick process of application and approval being the biggest factor why the customers choose it.

Its policies are underwritten by its affiliate, Assurity life insurance Company, which has excellent financial strength ratings. The cost of its term policies is generally more expensive as compared to other online insurers, but the company offers a variety of policy riders that allow for the added coverage benefits like the option to add children to the life insurance plan. 


Ethos Term life insurance

One can apply for and purchase the Ethos term life insurance through its online quote system. The company basically utilizes technology and algorithms that process the data like motor vehicle, drug prescription records in order to see if you qualify for its policy & to set the most accurate possible rate.

Online term life insurance with Ethos can get quick approval as compared with the traditional insurance providers. The Ethos applicant includes some basic questions like your date of birth, height, weight, and some health and lifestyle questions that are to evaluate your insurability.

Mostly, with the traditional insurers, the process takes weeks before the coverage starts, but with Ethos, the case is different, as the application is entirely online, and you are able to receive the approval within minutes if you don’t require a physical.

The policies with a death benefit of less than $1 million would not require a medical exam, but if you are looking for more than $1 million of coverage, you may still qualify for life insurance without a medical exam unless the algorithm detects some potentially serious medical issue.


Ethos coverage options

Ethos offers the level term life insurance policy, which means that the premiums will stay the same throughout the course of the plan. life insurance is available for purchase if your age is between 18 and 75 years, although the specific coverage available for you will certainly depend on your age.

Once your policy term is over, Ethos does allow for a one-year policy renewal up to the age of 95, but the premiums for such renewal policy will increase annually, each time the policy is renewed.

You have the option to purchase a term policy through Ethos with coverage between $25000 and $10 million. When compared to other online insurers, the death benefit range that is provided by Ethos term life insurance offers you more options that may fit your financial requirements.

You have to keep in mind that Ethos solely offers term life insurance and so the premium life insurance policies like Whole, Universal, and Variable are not available through it. The policies are available in 49 states of the United States, excluding New York.


Ethos Term life calculator

Shopping for life insurance is often quite complicated due to the fact that a lot of people don’t know how much insurance coverage to buy. In order to address this dilemma, Ethos offers a coverage calculator when you get into the quote process.

Once the Ethos system gets your age, birth date, gender, tobacco use, your general health assessment, and ZIP code, there will be four questions that you have to answer that the company says will help to steer you in the right direction:

  • How many kids do you have under the age of 18?
  • low cost whole lifeYour yearly income?
  • Your mortgage balance remaining?
  • Amount of debt you have?

The calculator will then suggest a recommended coverage amount for a certain period of time, along with an estimated monthly rate of premium. Clark Howard, a money expert, has recommended purchasing an amount that is equal to 10 times your salary before taxes.  


Pros and cons of Ethos life insurance



  • A complete online experience


Ethos makes each step of the life insurance application process very easy, even if you don’t consider yourself computer literate as Ethos offers a complete online experience that is quite unique. This process is also quick and very easy.



  • No medical exams


Most life insurance companies require you to fill out an extensive life insurance application and then go through a medical exam process in order to get coverage. The exam requires you to have blood drawn and a collection of urine specimens to get approved.

The medical exam is no doubt an annoying step for most people, and can even stop someone from acquiring the coverage. The great news with Ethos is that you will not be required to take a medical exam to get life insurance.



  • Financial strength


People need to understand that Ethos is just a marketing company. They are not life insurance providers. So their financials actually don’t matter much, as Ethos provides the policies by Assurity life insurance Co. that are a Nebraska headquartered company that was founded in 1890. 



  • Additional resources


On top of providing you a quality life insurance, Ethos also helps its customers with living their actual life. As a customer, you get access to helpful education content and other benefits that can provide you with a framework for making some good decisions throughout the different events of your life.



  • Limited policy options


Ethos only offers just one brand i.e., Assurity, and only one type of insurance coverage, which is the term life insurance. The options with Ethos, therefore, are quite limited against working with an independent agency that offers you multiple brands as well as different types of coverage.

There is no doubt that term life insurance is practical, affordable, and often the best coverage option for families. However, most people will agree that having more than a single option is better, as, over the last decade, life insurance has evolved from just providing a death benefit.




Along with a lack of some policy options, Ethos obviously doesn’t offer a permanent life insurance option. We do understand that Ethos focuses primarily on term insurance, but they don’t offer some really great permanent options like the guaranteed universal life insurance.

As the guaranteed universal life insurance offers a fixed premium that will not change for the rest of your life, nearly all of the coverage options offer living benefits, and a few even offer a built-in return of the premium option.

For the ones looking for the cash value life insurance option, like whole life insurance or indexed universal life, they need to look elsewhere as Ethos can’t provide it.



  • No coverage options after age 75low cost final expense


If you are a senior above the age of 75, then Ethos insurance is not for you. Even though there are various companies that offer term insurance up to 80 years of age, the coverage offered by Ethos is only available to applicants up to the age of 75. In addition to that, there are no burial or final expense options for the applicants that need less than $25000 coverage.



  • No advisors


As we already know that Ethos is a 100% online experience; therefore, you will not be speaking to any advisor or an insurance-related expert. For a few people, this may be positive, but others will consider this as a negative feature. 

When it comes to life insurance planning, there could be various situations that, by not speaking to a proper insurance expert or advisor can lead an insurance applicant to the improper purchase of life insurance.


Ethos life insurance ratings

Ethos life insurance has A.M. Best Financial strength rating of A-. A.M. Best developed its proprietary rating system because strength and financial stability are very important when you are to select an insurance company for the long haul. You are to make sure that the company you are getting a policy from today will be there in 20 years if your family happens to collect on a claim.

Ethos has a Weiss Safety rating of B+. The Weiss rating calculations are based on a complex analysis of various factors that are synthesized into five indexes i.e., capitalization, quality of asset, profitability, liquidity, and stability. Each of the indexes is then used to arrive at a letter grade rating.


Ethos policy riders

Ethos differs from the other online insurers because of the availability of riders that can be added to your term policy. Some of the policy riders that are offered by Ethos and Assurity life insurance do increase the premium that you pay. The policy riders, no doubt, can be a deciding factor to consider when one chooses life insurance and might be a good reason to choose Ethos if your needs align. The Ethos term life insurance riders include:


  • Critical Illness Rider


This rider comes at an added premium and allows you to collect a portion of your death benefit while you are still alive if you happen to get diagnosed with a terminal illness.



  • Child Term Rider


The Ethos child term rider provides you with an option to add a child to your life insurance policy. Under this rider, you will have to pay a flat fee for your coverage until your children reach the age of 18 years.



  • Waiver of Premium


This rider is built into all policies, and it allows you to maintain coverage while not paying the premiums owed on a policy in case you become completely injured or disabled before reaching the age of 65 years.



  • Endowment Benefit Rider


The Endowment Rider is also known as a Return of premium rider, as this policy add-on comes with an added cost. This allows for the return of all the premiums paid when you outlive the term of the insurance policy.

Another Option that Ethos offers to its policyholders is the ability to convert their term life insurance into a whole life insurance policy at any time during the policy lifetime. This is built into each life insurance product that it offers and can be great if you want some flexibility, but the new whole life insurance coverage will come with a higher premium. The above-mentioned riders are available through almost every offline traditional insurance provider and even some online providers.


Final word

Term life is surely not a complicated insurance product, as there is no cash value to the policy like there is with the whole life insurance. The term life just pays a straight-up death benefit if you die while the policy is still in force.

You should remember that Ethos is a marketing company; however, Ethos is on the cutting edge of the insurance industry. It is believed that insurance providers expect sales to become a 100% online experience. The company has taken a small step, and they only focus on the simplest of the products i.e., the Term insurance.

If you feel comfortable with doing your research in order to figure out how much or the little amount you need for coverage, and also if lack of contact with the advisor doesn’t bother you, then Ethos may be just the right choice for you to lock in coverage for you and your family members. 

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