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globe life insuranceSome people believe that burial insurance with dementia or Alzheimer’s is impossible, but they are mistaken. In fact, most people with such a disease can get burial life insurance. Surely, there might be life insurance carriers who decline you, but there are many that won’t.

For the uninitiated, dementia denotes quite a severe medical condition that significantly reduces a person’s life expectancy. This is the reason that the majority of insurance companies treat people with dementia as underwriting risks. On the other hand, people afflicted by this condition can still be able to obtain burial insurance and funeral insurance coverage.

Finding life insurance with Alzheimer’s or dementia is surely a challenging task. Many families are unsure of how to start the burial insurance application process. There are various insurance agencies that successfully assisted many clients with dementia to qualify for a burial insurance policy that doesn’t break the bank. 

As a life insurance applicant, you just need to know where to look for the right type of insurance. Whether you just got diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or you are to look for someone else, burial insurance is available.


How final expense companies underwrite dementia or Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s and dementia are quite serious conditions that reduce your life expectancy greatly. This is the reason why no life insurance company will be offering you coverage that gives you protection during the first two years. On the burial insurance application, the insurers normally ask health-related questions about dementia and your prescription history.

If your answer is a “yes,” then many insurers will decline your application for life insurance. Most of the companies will simply decline seniors with pre-existing conditions. The reason is simply that these companies will view you as a high risk.

On the other hand, some insurers could be offering you a guaranteed final expense insurance policy that normally comes with a two-year waiting period and a little high premium. In case you happen to pass away within the waiting period, the insurance companies will refund all the premiums that have been paid along with interest.

The burial insurance companies would want to verify your health status. For this reason, they will conduct a medication history check by looking out for different medications that are dementia-specific. If the prescription contains any of the common dementia drugs, this will be a confirmation that you have dementia.

It is important that you always have to be honest about the burial insurance coverage application. If you don’t answer the questions in the right way, the background prescription drug review will obviously show any medications that have been prescribed.


Guaranteed issue insurance policy

It is worth mentioning that no life insurance company offers immediate coverage for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Therefore, only one type of burial insurance exists for such people, and that is guaranteed issue life insurance, which is a type of burial insurance.

No insurer will cover people with Alzheimer’s with level or graded benefits. The reason is that the life expectancy for the ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia is low, and that is why this is a knockout condition.

A guaranteed issue simply means that you or your loved one, automatically receive insurance coverage. You just have to fill out an application, answer some non-health questions. After that, you send in the application with the premium draft information, and you get the life insurance. The insurance provider doesn’t go through your background or drug prescription history. 

Like a graded benefit, guaranteed issue coverage death benefit waiting period that is two years. The premium cost is obviously high, and therefore, guaranteed issue life insurance can be more expensive. Though it has a very quick and easy application process, and you can complete the application online, over the phone call, or by using a paper application.


Features of guaranteed issue life insurance policy

The guaranteed issue policy providers don’t much care for the mildness or the severity of your cognition loss that arises from dementia. These companies will underwrite your risk without asking any health-related questions. They will also not go for your medical records, prescription history, or phone interviews. Most importantly, they will not have a medical exam either.low cost whole life

A guaranteed issue life insurance policy will effectively be a whole life insurance policy. Therefore, it will remain graded during the first two years for a natural death. Most of the insurance providers offer these policies with waiting periods that are ranging from two to three years.

It is worth noting that no death benefits are payable, should the insured pass away during the waiting period. If the policyholder happens to pass away in the waiting period, the beneficiary receives the sum of all premiums along with interest.

After the waiting period is over, the insurance policy will pay the entire death benefit regardless of what the cause of death is. These policies also pay 100% of the death benefit right from day one of the insured dies from an accident.

Benefits of a guaranteed issue policy

It is worth mentioning that dementia or Alzheimer’s will not cause death, but increase the chance of premature death significantly. Medication can no doubt slow the progression of the disease, but it won’t be able to provide a complete cure. Therefore, people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s often live for eight to ten years after the first diagnosis.

Nobody wants to leave behind a bill to cover the funeral costs or the final expenses. Having a burial insurance policy provides you and your loved one’s peace of mind. Purchasing a guaranteed issue policy can be beneficial because:


  • Ease of coverage

You don’t require to put any effort into getting the coverage without health questions or medical exams. Your coverage approval is guaranteed if you meet the age requirements.



  • Fixed monthly premiums

You have a fixed monthly premium, and it is guaranteed never to go up. Your premium rate will be computed at your current age, and the premium never increases regardless of your age and any medical condition that you have.



  • Fixed death benefit

The amount of your death benefit will never decrease, no matter what the reason is. Your beneficiary will then be eligible to receive the amount on your policy if you pass away.



  • The policy never expires

Guaranteed issue life insurance policy is whole life insurance that never expires as long as the premiums are paid on time.



  • It is tax-free

Your beneficiary will receive the death benefit directly, and that will be tax-free.



  • A minimal amount of coverage option

The coverage for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy ranges from $1000 to $44,000.

        Cash value accumulation

There is a cash value component in the guaranteed issue insurance policy. It is quite a good savings option that accumulates over time.

Why should we buy guaranteed issue life insurance if we have dementia or Alzheimer’s?

The sooner you get a policy, the better it is for you!

Medicare aged 65 and over

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Shopping for life insurance if you have dementia is a challenge, but you likely still require coverage. Unless you have substantial savings or another insurance policy to pass along to your family, it obviously is a wise financial move to apply for the guaranteed issue life insurance plan.

Because of the mandatory waiting period, it is always wise to apply for the coverage as soon as possible. The sooner you start working through the waiting period, the quicker you will be covered. In addition to that, your monthly premium is actually based on your age; therefore, you will save on premium if you apply now at the current younger age.

If you like to make sure that the final expenses will not be a burden to your family, then a guaranteed issue life insurance plan is worth purchasing, no matter what age group you belong to. Your beneficiary will receive a full death benefit in as little as two years.

There are various other final expenses associated with dying that you have to consider, like your outstanding credit card bills, any auto loans, and the medical bills that are unpaid. Lost wages of your family members are some of the expenses that you can cover by a guaranteed issue policy.

The insurance coverage requirements and the policy limitations vary among the companies. This is the reason why it is essential to understand the terms of insurance before you decide to purchase it. Whether you are looking for burial insurance for yourself or the loved ones with this condition, it is quite important to seek help from an independent life insurance agency that will guide you in finding the best policy according to your needs.


Finding the best burial insurance with dementia

At this point, you are already aware that your only option is a guaranteed issue plan, and in order to secure the coverage that you need, you should consider working with a qualified advisor or an experienced independent broker or an agency.

These professionals will normally represent a number of insurance companies, and consequently, they will be able to give you exactly what you require. Beyond that, if you require burial insurance for anybody else who doesn’t have dementia or Alzheimer’s, then it is wise not to default to a guaranteed issue plan.

There is a vast majority of people out there who are looking for burial insurance do qualify for a plan with health questions.  Guaranteed issue is not the best option for most of the folks. Working with a qualified agency will help you know what your best option truly is.

In order to get the best burial insurance with dementia or Alzheimer’s, or any other health scenario, you should be working with an experienced independent broker that represents a lot of insurance providers. These independent agencies have the freedom to run quotes from multiple providers in your area to see which one will be offering you the best deal.


Things to consider when shopping for a new burial insurance policy with dementia

If you are looking for a new burial insurance policy, you have to make sure that your focus is on two main aspects i.e., the waiting period and the cost. You must opt for the guaranteed issue burial plan that comes with a waiting period of two years and costs the least. 

If you happen to find the insurers only willing to give you a policy with a waiting period of three years, then you must go for it as it is your only option. The reputed insurers offer guaranteed issue policies for the people between 45 to 85 years of age.

Many different companies offer such coverage, but their product pricing may not be that competitive. It is worth mentioning that guaranteed issue burial insurance policies can be best for people who have dementia or Alzheimer’s. People who do not suffer from dementia are able to qualify for regular policies that feature the standard health-related questions.



It is possible to get burial insurance if you have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If you or your loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia, a guaranteed issue life insurance policy should be working fine. Most of the insurance agencies or advisors work with an affordable guaranteed issue life insurance plan. In addition to that, this application is quite easy to fill out. Moreover, somebody else can own the policy that can help with estate planning purposes.

If you have finalized your plan and are ready to get started, then you should go for the selected insurance advisor, as these advisors work with many carriers in the area of burial insurance, and they know how to find the right coverage for you. Some are quite popular with the people in providing trustworthy advice and economical insurance solutions to individuals, families, and also business owners. 

As with everything they do, they work in your best interests all the time. This certainly means that there is a better option for you that are available out there, and they can help you get the best possible plans available in the market.

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