Is there Life Insurance for People with Anxiety?

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Is there Life insurance for people with anxiety?   Is it available?   Yes, it is.  There are many anxiety disorders.  I suffer from anxiety.  I have Life insurance.  Having anxiety isn’t fun. Hi, I’m Mitch Winstead with Advanced Mutual Group.  Call us today if we can help you.  Our toll-free number is 866-598-8170 or 910-452-1922Advanced Mutual Group We off free advice and if you want a quote there are no obligations.  If you prefer email, please click this link   If you would like an instant quote, please visit us at our website by clicking here   We have a Facebook page that contains information from our other website Allstar Senior Benefits.  Please click this link and visit us here Anxiety isn’t a bad thing anymore when it comes to buying Life insurance.  I think the more it comes to the forefront, it becomes more accepted.   Some insurers turn away from anxiety sufferers.  Fortunately, most don’t anymore.   No matter what your anxiety disorder is as long as it’s not too strange Life insurance carriers do a better job with underwriting.   That means what are the health questions I have to answer to qualify.  Some time back,  questions on the application ask if you are seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist?  Are you on any medications?  Do you have a mental disorder?   Also, other questions are phrased in different ways.  If you do a search and don’t give up you can find a worthwhile policy that is reasonable.   Also the younger you take it out, the better.

That may seem obvious but some people procrastinate about buying Life insurance.  I think it is a responsible thing to do.  If you have a family wouldn’t you want to leave them something?   what about your bills?  Your mortgage, credit cards, car payments?   Wouldnt you want your wife and children not to stress financially after you are gone?   Think about it.   Upon your death, it’s not going to be a good day.   The emotional pain left behind is sharp and brutal, to say the least.   Life insurance is an investment.   For a minimal amount of a premium say $30.00 a month you may get $10,000.  That’s a pretty good return.   It would take you years to invest or save that money to get a benefit like that.   That’s just a small sample.   There are a lot of plans that give you $50,000 for $20.00 a month.  You can’t beat that!   Obviously, all people don’t get a deal like this but it is out there.  It goes without saying it’s always best to purchase Life insurance at a young age.  I still believe in term life if you can’t afford whole life.  I would really advise people to have a combination of both.   Some term policies only last 20 to 30 years.  So let’s say you are 25 when you take out a term policy, at 55 you would need to buy another term policy hopefully another 30-year term policy.  I have a combination of both policies.  I buy on price usually.  A lot of insurance companies are getting creative about adding riders.  Such as return of premium, accidental death, nursing home riders, accelerated death riders, etc.  If you have any questions on how these riders work, reach out to me and I will be glad to answer these questions for you.  I have been an anxiety sufferer since I was a child.  I’m now 52.  I know that it is a lifelong illness and there is no cure. It can only go into remission. So don’t let insurance companies push you around for having anxiety.  There are a lot of famous people with anxiety.  Just do a search for it on the internet.   I was surprised by many actors that had depression, anxiety and still made it.  Good for them.  It’s best to talk with an insurance agent/broker that has Life insurance experience.   I wrote my first Life insurance policy 17 years ago.   One person, I sold Life insurance for passed away.   It’s a strange feeling to help a client’s family when a loved one dies.   It makes it so real.  I have been around the insurance business for over 36 years.  I have a great teacher, my Mom.   I watched and listened to her for years selling insurance.    Calling leads.  She was good.  She has given me a lot of pep talks after taking rejection and all the rest that comes with being an insurance professional.   I would get anxious about going out on appointments.   I would stand in front of the mirror brushing my teeth and gagging on my toothbrush before leaving home.  Once I drove 2 hours to my appointment sat down with a mother and daughter, sold a Medicare Supplement policy to the Mother, and couldn’t get why the daughter kept staring at me.   Then I realized.  I had shaved and put 3 pieces of toilet paper on my face to stop the bleeding.

I had driven 2 hours and was so anxious about making the sale that I forgot to take the toilet paper off my face before I went into the house.   That is what anxiety will do to you.  It may seem funny and you have my permission to laugh but it’s strange how this condition will affect you.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  My anxiety is terrifying.   It’s like hiding behind a tree and hoping the bully or “killer” won’t find you.  It’s like you want to crawl out of your skin.  If you have anxiety stories, I would love to hear them.   What I want you to realize is that I can relate.  I am on your side, not the insurance companies.   I am here to help.  One thing about Life insurance is you may have to pay a little more for it if you have anxiety.  I wish that wasn’t the case.  The point is it’s not that much more especially if you do buy it while you are young.   Young is relative.   I sell policies to Seniors.  What I call young is in your 60’s.    You can still get great rates at that age on whole life.   However, when you get in your 80’s it gets expensive.   Always buy at the youngest age if possible.  Also worth mentioning is when you are first diagnosed with an anxiety disorder you should then apply for Life insurance.  Don’t let your condition worsen over a few years.  No one knows what your prognosis is going to be.  I sincerely hope it gets better.   However, it can get worse.  Then what.  More meds, more counseling?  Be proactive about it.

If you have ANY questions, please contact me.  I have the experience and know-how to take great care of you.  Compare us to Colonial Penn or Colonial Penn Life insurance. Ask us about the average cost of a funeral.  Our plans are state-regulated and do not require any exams.   Everyone is accepted. Mitch Winstead  My toll-free number is 866-598-8170 or 910-452-1922   Our email is

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