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low cost whole lifeBuying an insurance policy can be a momentous task. One needs to buy a handful of policies like a life insurance policy, health insurance, and auto insurance out of various available options. There are various plans and many companies to choose from, and it is impossible for one to sift through all of them.

Nowadays, there are tools that are very helpful and can be used to make the process as simple as possible. They let a person get dozens of life insurance quotes from different companies, all in one place, to cover all the insurance needs of an individual.

Plenty of websites are available out there, which help the customer to a lot of quotes, but one might also get a lot of phone calls from the pushy salespeople as well. This is where PolicyGenius comes in. It is helpful for people to get quotes without getting a headache to listen to insurance agents.  At Advanced Mutual Group, we want to give a fair review of Policygenius to give our clients a full view of what’s out there in the life insurance field. You can also find burial insurance with no waiting period. We have Mutual of Omaha burial insurance. Ask us how much does a funeral costs?  Call us today toll-free at 1-866-598-8170.

What is Policygenius?

Policygenius is a tool that is easy to use and allows you to compare dozens of quotes, without even visiting each company’s website or having to call the insurance agents one-by-one. Policygenius has a unique feature also that can get quotes for any kind of insurance plan that is out there. They help for:

Over time, Policygenius has become a one-stop shop for all the needs related to insurance. They can help the customers find just about any possible plan that is out there in the market. It isn’t affiliated with any particular insurance company, so it offers its users several plans from a range of providers.

Types of life insurance Coverage offered by Policygenius

Life changes continuously, so do the insurance needs!

Policygenius doesn’t provide direct coverage. It partners with each offer of different life insurance companies at different levels and types of insurance life insurance policies. The general comparison of different types of life insurance companies is given by Policygenius.

Most of the term life insurance policies cover between ages 10 to 60. At the end of coverage, the premium can increase, which depends on the provider. Outliving the policy means that the customer would see a payout.

With a Whole Life policy, the premiums are normally higher than the term policy. On the other hand, the coverage is permanent as long as the customer stays on top of the payments. The whole life insurance policy can also gain cash value.burial insurance for seniors

It is a type of whole life policy that gives an option to the policyholder to change the premium throughout the life of the policy. The value of the payout can be decreased if the premiums will be lowered or borrowing is done from the cash value.

Variable life insurance is a type of permanent policy that allows the policyholder to invest their payments in subaccounts. This enables them to earn dividends on their investments and give benefits to the customer.

How Policygenius works?

Policygenius is like a lot of different online services. One can enter some basic information; the information can be extensive depending on the policy one looks for. Policygenius runs it through its algorithms, and in the end, returns the best available options.

Digital age insurance business

insurance is actually one of the oldest industries to be transformed into digital format. For many decades, insurance was sold by the agents who traveled throughout the country to sell their products to customers from small towns to many cities.

As the internet changed various other industries like travel and retail, the field of insurance was entrenched in an outdated model. Insured rates have dropped as young people accustomed to the ease of online shopping that doesn’t want to get disturbed by phone calls and personal sales pitches.

Policygenius gets paid a commission by the insurance companies for each of the sales that are made through them. One does not have to worry as insurance commissions are already included in the insurance policy price. Therefore, one doesn’t have to pay extra by using Policygenius.

insurance Checkup Tool

People could have holes in their life insurance coverage. By not having proper insurance protection, people could be left with some massive debts or expenses. One can never predict what will happen, which certainly means one should take time to evaluate insurance products according to their needs.

Policygenius has a complete understanding of the importance of insurance plans and how confusing this process can be. For this purpose, they have created the insurance Check-up Tool. This tool is considered a great innovation by Policygenius to guide the customers.

The insurance Check-up tool asks a dozen different questions and can give a blueprint of the insurance needs and the areas the customer has already covered. They give an insurance “to-do-list” and guide to check off the different things on the list.

They assure the customer of information security and use particular information to only give the customer advice regarding insurance. Policygenius makes it simple to decipher their to-do list and makes it easy to get the insurance plans to complete the to-do list.

Policygenius application process

The application process of Policygenius is quite fairly in-depth, as it is for life insurance. There are many medical questions that one has to answer. In the end, it doesn’t take much time to complete the application process, though.life insurance for seniors over 65

  • Basic Questions

The applicant will be asked a few basic questions at the start regarding gender, age, and address. The best thing is that one can chat with a Policygenius representative at any time during the whole process. The application process is quite easy and should not have any problems.

  • Family History

The next question is regarding the family’s health. They inquire whether any of the family members of the customer have any health issues that are mentioned in the list. The customer will later be asked to expand on which family member had a particular issue and their age at the time of diagnosis. This basically helps in getting the idea of what the future health of the customer would look like.

  • Different Health Questions

The customers will also be asked about their own health. In addition to the few questions, they will be asked to give details about any medical conditions that they have, for example, if a customer smokes, he/she has to answer a few follow-up questions regarding their smoking habits.

  • Choosing the insurer

After all the questions are answered successfully, the customer will be lead to a page that has an insurance plan that is based on age and health conditions. The customer has a variety of terms to choose from. Therefore, one can go on and choose an insurer with Policygenius’ help.

Why should one use Policygenius?

  • Transparency

Policygenius is remarkably forthcoming about the positives and negatives of each insurer. They have a transparent system of rating them on the application process, customer services, and various other factors that the customer might be interested in.

  • Easy to handle

Policygenius make their interface easy to use and use easy to understand terminologies in the insurance business. They provide every bit of information and exactly explain what the rating or term refers to. It has an extensive amount of FAQs and guides for each life insurance type.

  • Real-life examples

Aside from extensive FAQs and various insurance policy guides, Policygenius also has several case studies to show the customers what type of policies are appropriate for them. This helps different customers understand and helps to order the policy that suits them.

  • They educate people

The larger mission of Policygenius is to educate the younger consumers on what type of policy they would want, whether it is the life insurance policy, renters insurance, or long-term disability. They have a tool that determines the customer, whether they are underinsured.

How is Policygenius different?

Policygenius offers guides to learn about life insurance companies and life insurance policies. Their website offers a robust library of helpful guides that help in understanding different policies on what to look for. There are a few reasons that really differentiate them from others.

Most of the websites generate leads where the name and information are sold to other insurance agencies. Policygenius, on the other hand, work with their customer personally. This way, they actually help the consumer purchase life insurance.

  • Great User Experience

The best-in-class user experience is designed by Policygenius. It is pretty, engaging, and innovative. They have an extraordinary coverage calculator and have a technology that is user-friendly on their website.

  • Full completion of the online process

Policygenius delivers instant life insurance quotes and a process for an online application where communication with an agent is not required. The customer can talk to an agent if required. Policygenius complete the process 100% online without any pressure from sales.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Policygenius


  • Compare quotes and buy a policy in one place

Policygenius makes it easier to apply for a fully underwritten life insurance online in an easy and intuitive way. All the life insurance quotes can be compared side-by-side. This saves time visiting multiple websites and makes it a gorgeous and easy to use process.

If you want to move forward, you can complete the process on your own without even the assistance of an insurance agent. Policygenius has helped over 4.5 million people shop for insurance, and the customers get quality and affordable insurance policies.

  • Get the right coverage amount.

There is a great job done by Policygenius with the coverage calculator. They take a step-by-step process to figure out how much life insurance is required. Many other competitive websites offer blanket advice like “10 times your yearly income”.

The problem with blanket advice is that every competitor offers different advice and looks quite unrealistic. On the other hand, Policygenius goes above and beyond by making available the self-serve needs analysis.

  • You don’t need to speak to the sales agent.

The customer can apply online without even speaking to any salesperson. But if a person needs assistance, they have people available to give advice. For some, this can be a bad thing because their system doesn’t give accurate quotes, but so does other life insurance sites on the internet.

PolicyGenius asks health questions in their questionnaire online. They don’t go deep enough to get the required data to provide an accurate quote if a customer has any combination of concerns related to health. PolicyGenius has a solution to this problem by having experienced agents to talk to.


  • No offers for smaller “Niche” carriersburial insurance for seniors

Policygenius might not be the best fit for some situations. They do offer some of the most competitive and well-known life insurance companies around like New York Life, but they do miss quite a lot. They don’t work with most of the smaller carriers that offer the best rates for people of specific demographics.

The way of looking at your health and lifestyle is different for every life insurance company. If one wants the best term life insurance rates and has unique health conditions, these smaller companies might really be helpful.

Another area where Policygenius has a disadvantage is the key person insurance. No doubt, it can connect with all kinds of insurance, but it doesn’t offer life insurance that is geared towards business owners or insurance for any key man.

Reviews and complaints of Policygenius

The customers on TrustPilot rave about Policygenius, as it has a straightforward process and excellent customer service. On the life insurance review and policy-matching services of Policygenius gets 9.8 scores with an excellent rating of 94% from the reviewers.

At the Better Business Bureau, Policygenius is accredited by the organization and has an A rating. However, two out of the three reviews had a 2-star rating. Policygenius addressed these reviews promptly. This certainly shows how respected and popular they have become among the public.

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