Tips on Burial Insurance with Atrial Fibrillation

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Burial insurance is insurance purchased by individuals and the death benefits are given to the beneficiaries named by the insured.  The insurance provider helps pay for the funeral expenses of the insured at the time of the death. The insurance amount can be used by the beneficiaries as they like but first, it should be used to cover the expenses of the funeral.  Any remaining amounts may be used to settle any debt owed by the departed. Thus it helps the family and loved ones of the departed.  Hi, I am Mitch Winstead with Advanced Mutual Group. Here is what we can help you with; You will get expert help when choosing a Burial insurance policy.  If you want life insurance quotes or talk about a life insurance term-Call today!  We are here to answer all of your questions.

You have no obligation to buy.  We have top-rated companies at low prices! All of our policies are state-regulated. Everyone is accepted! Our toll-free number is 866-598-8170 or 91-452-1922.  This agency is owned by a veteran.  We are unique because of our medical background.  We understand all those medical terms and medications that other agents do not have a clue 🙂

How Burial insurance is connected with Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib)

atrial fibrillationNow we hope this article will help you understand (A-Fib) It happens when the heart is beating in an irregular rhythmic pattern that differs from the pattern of a normal person.  Due to the rapid and irregular beating of the heart, that starts from an unusual rhythm and increases with time, and becomes constant if not cured at the right time.  On a personal note, I have actually gone to the emergency room with atrial fibrillation or (A-Fib). Atrial Fibrillation is a condition related to the heart.  It is a kind of condition that sometimes becomes the cause of a stroke or CVA-Ceberal Vascular Accident.  This scary!  When some people, get diagnosed with this condition, it may trigger thoughts about dying and how am I going to provide my family with some benefits if I die. Some people may start their research on various kinds of insurances in order to make some decisions about the security of their family.  Most importantly how to pay funeral and burial expenses. There are companies that carry life insurance for seniors with no medical exam

They consider it as their utmost responsibility to buy the Burial Insurance so that their family doesn’t have the burden of burial and funeral expenses from their own pockets.  I know that this seems like sales talk.  I might agree.  However, still, no matter how many times I or other licensed insurance professionals have talked with people, they do not accept their responsibility to care for their family and loved ones after they are no longer here.  Why is that?  You tell me?

Should I consult with a life insurance Professional?

If someone is diagnosed with any fatal disease especially with a heart disease/condition or cancer.  Some not all people start thinking about their future and responsibilities about dying and Burial insurance.  There are different ways of purchases insurance. Firstly a person needs to calculate how much it will cost for his/her funeral and burial expenses with the consultation of family members.  An insurance professional will sometimes do a needs analysis. Or they do some research online about how much a cremation or funeral costs.  These expenses vary a lot depending on the arrangements chosen, it also depends on the location where a person wants himself to be buried.

It is recommended that a Needs Analysis is completed to make sure the amount of burial insurance will be adequate.  It is recommended to talk to an experienced insurance brokerage like Advanced Mutual Group for burial or final expense life insurance. life insurance helps support your family after your death when they might be facing financial crises. While the main purpose of Burial insurance is to deal with your final expenses or total cost of your funeral it may be helpful to look at other ways your beneficiary could use any of the tax-free death benefit payouts.

Consider the different payment options provided by the insurance company and research every option and select the one that suits you best according to your income and your financial position. I have heard other insurance professionals say something like this- your ability to earn a living is the most important thing to give your family.  Once a person dies, if they are the breadwinner, how can they replace their earnings?   The Answer is life insurance.low cost whole life

Most insurance professionals recommend a number as a death benefit to be several times the amount of the breadwinner’s current salary.  So let’s break it down.  If you make $30,000 each year.  You are 30 years old and have a wife and 3 kids.  How much do you think a person needs to pay for his/her funeral expenses?  1st what is the average cost of a funeral?  6-10,000.  Does the deceased have any debt?  More than likely yes. Let us say 10,000.

Do they want to provide for their family after they die?  Most would say yes. So let’s multiply 30,000 dollars x 30 years =900,000 dollars.  Wow, so let’s stop there. We are already talking about an insurance policy for 1 million dollars.  I have seen agents go beyond that number.  Well into 2-3 million dollars and they can back it up with a correct needs analysis  Also, they are right. Most people need a million dollars at the minimum to provide for their families after they die. Please make sure you get the appropriate amount of life insurance.

What is realistic?  Some people ask this: do you need life insurance over 60? If you are 50 years young to 75 years young, you probably can’t afford a million-dollar policy.   So then some hard questions need to be addressed.  How much can I afford?  How much is a funeral?  What if I want to be cremated?  I could go on and on. Here is what I recommend. At least get your funeral costs paid for so you don’t burden your family and loved ones with your responsibility.  Then if you want to purchase additional coverage, by all means, please do so.  Burial insurance or final expense is fairly reasonable.

Types of Burial insurance for the People with the Atrial Fibrillation:  

There are some types of insurance for people suffering from Atrial Fibrillation, each, of course, has different policies, terms, and conditions attached to it.

  • Level Benefit: This is generally the most common choice among people diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation.  This type of coverage has the most benefits attached to it and is the least costly Burial insurance. For example- if you purchase a face amount of $10,000 dollars-your beneficiary receives $10,000 dollars and there are no waiting periods.
  • Modified Benefit: This is almost like a guaranteed issue of life insurance.  There are fewer health questions than a graded benefit policy.  It also costs less.burial insurance for seniors
  • Graded Benefit: This is the type of insurance in which a specific time period has to be met.  For example, if the insured person died within 2 to 3 years, the insurance company pays the beneficiary the premiums that were paid for the first 2-3 years and sometimes 10% more.
  • Guaranteed Issue Coverage:  This type of insurance works as a guarantee to a person applying for life insurance. They can receive life insurance to cover final expenses. This is usually offered as a graded benefit as explained above.

Who are the Best life insurance companies available?

First off I would love to be your life insurance agent. Here is what you get if you choose us.

  1. Personal and priority service  This means I or an agent assigned by my team will be the one speaking with you. You don t have to press 1  on your telephone keypad for this and 2 for that etc  Sometimes it takes up half of your day trying to get help. You are not a number, you are a name and a customer you have allowed us to serve.
  2. You will be speaking to an agent that’s in the United States, not some other country that has a hard time with English.
  3. We value your business.  We want to provide the best service for you.  We know there are thousands of agencies that you could have chosen. Thankfully you chose us and you are important to us.
  4. Quick service. When you call in and need help or need an answer to a question, we don’t want to keep you waiting. We will do our best to talk with you at the time you call or return your call by the next business insurance policy accepted

Here are some companies that I would recommend if you want to purchase directly through them.  However, I carry all these companies available for you. Plus some other companies also. You have many to choose from.  I will do all the leg work and personally shop the market for you to get the best rate and best companies available.  Mutual of Omaha, Sentinel Security Life, Prosperity Life, Cigna. If you want graded life, I would recommend Sentinel Security Life.  If you need a guaranteed life policy I would recommend AIG – American General insurance, Colonial Penn life  or Great Western life insurance

Caution  If you choose to purchase directly from a company-most likely you will speak to a different person every time you call.  Sometimes believe it or not, you may not speak to an actual agent that is licensed. Sometimes the big companies will hire non-agents for customers that have questions or need help.

My name is Mitch Winstead from Advanced Mutual Group.  If you want expert help, please call us today.  You are under no obligation to buy.  All of our plans are state-regulated and Everyone no matter what their health condition can get life insurance. Our toll-free number is 866-598-8170 or 910-452-1922


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About Advanced Mutual Group

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