Why Men Die faster Than Women

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globe life insuranceI don’t intend to make anybody mad as I’m writing this article. I’ve often wondered why men die faster than women. I specialize in selling Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care and Life Insurance. I also have a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant. When I was working in nursing homes and home health care, there were a lot more women in nursing homes getting therapy than there were men. I  often joke with my family whenever I have to do a task that I don’t want to do and say “this is why men die faster than women”. LOL

On average women live longer than men.   Approximately 57% of those ages 65 or older are female. When they reach 85,  67% are women. The average lifespan is five years longer for women than it is for men in the US. And it’s about 7 years longer worldwide. 


 Why do men on average die first?

There are many reasons for that. The ratio of men and women in young adulthood is roughly equal. As we age it starts the favor women over time.

 There are some factors why men die quicker.


  1. Men take bigger risks. You probably heard the old saying there is no reward without risk.  A famous football coach Bruce Arians of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers says “no risk it, no biscuit”. This also is part of brain chemistry. The frontal lobe that controls judgment and consideration of the consequences of action develops more slowly in boys and young men as compared to females the same age.


        Sometimes men and boys will die in accidents or due to violence than girls and women. Some examples may include- biking, and driving drunk.  A boy’s or men’s lack of judgment in consideration for consequences also contributes to detrimental lifestyle choices so may include smoking or drinking excessively.

Crohn's disease and symptoms

  1. Men avoid doctors     

      I have heard this most of my adult life that men usually don’t go to doctors as often as women. I don’t know if it’s a pride thing or just not making the right choice when we are sick? Or we just continue to push on through illness and not go to the doctor.                              Whenever    I sell Life Insurance or medicare supplements, it is usually a woman as a client. I also say sometimes that men will die quicker but women will get sicker as we age.


  1. Men may be more obese. It’s been said that animals that are larger will die younger than smaller ones. That is sometimes the case with dogs. That may have something to do with women having more longevity than men. Having diabetes is related to this.


  1. Men may have a dangerous occupation. I don’t know exactly what the workforce is in today’s economy. Usually, there are more men working women. If you look at some of the more difficult and physical jobs like construction, fire fighting and military combat there seem to be more men.


  1. Men commit suicide more often than women. A  lot of times depression may be more common among women.  But in men, it is possible it could be more common because we don’t seek medical care for depression. In certain cultures, men are discouraged from seeking help for their mental illness.


  1. Men die of heart disease Often more at a younger age than women.

         Some of the studies show that men are 50% more likely than women to die of heart disease. Men have medical risks such as poorly treated high blood pressure or unfavorable cholesterol levels that contribute to men dying quicker.  Also, men have lower estrogen levels than women and this may be a part of the reason. 


  1. Men are less socially connected.  This is an unknown reason but there are higher death rates in men who have weaker social connections. I am shy and I will admit that I have weaker social connections.


Also, this may be traced to genetics. The Y chromosome sometimes develops mutation more often than the X chromosome and a lack of a second X chromosome in men. This means that X-linked abnormalities among boys are not masked by a second normal version. Survival time in a womb is also less reliable for male fetuses.  We’re uncertain and there are multiple reasons for developmental disorders are more common among boys. Some of those could shorten life expectancy. Also brain hemorrhages, congenital malformations, urinary tract infections, and pneumonia. These are all common among male newborns.


Here are a few things Men can do the prolong their lives.


  1. Make sure you have your blood pressure checked at each visit. Also having an annual exam. it is important to have your cholesterol checked and your triglycerides checked.  You should also exercise three to five times a week. Also if you are having a health problem of any kind it’s important to go get that checked out.


  1. Don’t Smoke and limit alcohol  Not smoking is a no-brainer. If you smoke the sooner you quit the better. According to the American Cancer Society if you quit by age 35 you can expect to live 8 and 1/2 years longer than smokers who continue. Some of my friends who smoke and drink have gray hair and their face is wrinkled. This could be very well from smoking and drinking. I had a patient once that seemed to think smoking can only give you lung cancer. That is wrong. Smoking can spawn other cancer anywhere in the body. 


  1. Wear a helmet. If you work construction, or are in a contact sport or ride a bike or motorcycle or ATV, etc, you should protect your head. If you are an NFL fan and have read about concussions and people suffering and even committing suicide, that should grab your attention. One time I was skateboarding as a kid and I was not wearing a helmet.  I hit my head hard on a concrete pad. That hurt really bad.


    4. Prostate health  One of my favorite singers is Dan Fogelberg. He died of prostate cancer. A lot of men die from this. You should have your PSA screened annually.  Also one of my favorites is getting a rectal exam-LOL. While we are on the subject of examinations, you should get a colonoscopy at age 50.


   5. Miscellaneous things that may get Men killed is- reckless driving, shooting accidents, racing cars, or motorcycle accidents and risky sexual activity, jumping out of a plane or repelling out of a helicopter. Fencing, or other dangerous activities with a knife or sword or any kind of weapon.


   6. Stay out of the sun  I have 2 skin cancers. They are the basal cell carcinoma kind. But I don’t want to take any chances. I wear sunscreen and limit my sun exposure.  I remember when I was a kid, we never put on sunscreen.


cheapest burial insuranceThis article was written by Mitch Winstead.  I am a burial insurance and medicare supplement expert. I have been a licensed broker for over 20 years. I have two websites. www.advancedmutualgroup.com that concentrates on burial or final expense insurance. The second website www.allstarseniorbenefits.com concentrates on medicare supplements.  If you have any questions, please call our office toll-free at 1-866-598-8170. My email address is mitch@allstarseniorbenefitis.com  If you would like information on How do I get burial insurance? Or How do I pay for my funeral?  I have youtube videos that can be found by clicking these links.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f_MtA5-k1U&t=53s   and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pa6NvT5QGo&t=21s  Thanks for reading!

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